12 Monkeys

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12 Monkeys season 1 poster SyFy channel

Original Title: 12 Monkeys

Country: USA, SyFy

Genres : , ,

Cast: Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull, Barbara Sukowa, Emily Hampshire, Todd Stashwick, Faran Tahir, Scottie Thompson, Jennifer K Preston, Martin Angerbauer, Lívia Bielovic, Mark Caven

Awards : 4 wins & 9 nominations.

TV show 12 Monkeys is a mystery drama created by Travis Fickett and Terry Matalas which is broadcast on American Syfy tv channel. Aaron Stanford and Amanda Schull play the main roles.
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12 Monkeys Season 4

12 Monkeys season 4 download (tv episodes 1, 2,...) 12 Monkeys season 4 will be the final for the series. This is the most ambitious of all in terms of emotional content, mythology, the scale of what is happening and special effects. The main characters will go far into the past, they will visit the Wild West and even go to the Middle Ages. The roots of the mythology of "12 monkeys" go to England XV century, and Cole and Cassandra will try to find the key to victory in the war with the Witness here. According to the laws of the genre the main characters will have to sacrifice something to win in the final battle and save time. The focus will be on Cole's role in saving time in the upcoming season 4 of 12 Monkeys. Only the hero of Aaron Stanford is able to put an end to this story. Perhaps at the cost of his own life...

12 Monkeys Season 3

12 Monkeys season 3 poster SyFy channel Season 3 of the mystery drama series “12 Monkeys” will continue the general concept and will open up an even more intricate and emotionally charged chapter of this story about time travel. The heroes of the TV show 12 Monkeys will visit not only to their own future, but will also go far into the past in the season 3, where they have not been able to move earlier. Cole and Katarina will be in 1922. Then James will visit to 2163, where he will try to find Cassie and return her to the present. Recall, that the army of 12 Monkeys took Cassandra in the season 2. In addition, she learned the stunning news in the finale of the second season - her unborn child is The Witness. Now Cassandra and Cole will have to resolve a hard dilemma. Will they kill him or find another way knowing that their child will become a real devil? The answer to this question can to rally the main characters of 12 Monkeys series, or to divorce them on different sides of the barricades.

12 Monkeys Season 2

12 Monkeys season 2 poster SyFy channel 12 Monkeys season 2 of the American fantasy drama series based on the 1995 movie of the same name. The future life on Earth will change dramatically but people living in 2013 have no idea about it… A terrible virus is about to destroy billions of people and only several thousand people will be able to survive… In 2043 all of the survivors will have to hide under the ground. They are hoping that someday their lives get back to normal. In order to change the current course of events, the scientists decide to send a prisoner to 2015 to find the “zero patient” and stop the deathly virus. The prisoner is James Cole and he was accused of disobedience. Back in 2015 James meets Dr. Cassandra Railly, a bacteriologist, who has to help him save the humankind. Together they are looking for the person who created the virus but it turns out that there is a whole secret army of “12 monkeys” standing behind this...

12 Monkeys Season 1

12 Monkeys season 1 poster SyFy channel The action of the TV series "12 Monkeys" is set in 2035. Several decades ago an outbreak of dreadful virus destroyed 5 billion people and few of those who survived are forced to live underground. A former criminal named James Cole, accused of impudent behavior and civil disobedience, agrees to have a new time-traveling technology tested on him. He travels back to the past. His task is to draw some virus samples and help scientists find the source of the terrible disease. In case of success, he will receive complete withdrawal of charge. The series is based on the popular movie of the same name. The pilot episode was trusted to Jeffrey Reiner who worked on the previous popular SyFy series called “Helix”.


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