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19-2 season 1 poster Bravo channel

Original Title: 19-2

Country: Canada, CTV

Genres : ,

Cast: Adrian Holmes, Jared Keeso, Benz Antoine, Mylène Dinh-Robic, Bruce Ramsay, Laurence Leboeuf, Dan Petronijevic

Awards : 7 wins & 33 nominations.

TV show 19-2 is a crime drama which is broadcast on Canadian Bravo Canada tv channel. Adrian Holmes and Jared Keeso play the main roles.
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19-2 Season 4

19-2 season 4 poster CTV channel TV show 19-2 season 4 continues to follow the 2 partners from the police of Montreal. This is the final season for the police drama on the СTV channel. Guys like in previous seasons patrol the criminal district of the city number 19 zone 2, and something is constantly happening here. Their work as before becomes more complicated by the fact that the colleagues have completely different characters and temperament. One of them is impulsive and fighting, he always acts according to the situation. The second one is calm and reasonable, he adheres to the letter of law when detaining criminals. But the policemen have to endure each other due to duty. Nick and Ben honestly carry out their duties even in spite of disagreements and contradictions, because they are real professionals of their case, they are a team with a call sign 19-2.

19-2 Season 3

19-2 season 3 poster Bravo Canada channel 19-2 season 3 continues the story of 2 partners - Nick Barron and Ben Chartier. After the shocking end of last season, the patrollers from Montreal Police Service are trying to get back to normal life and work. The fact that the Sergeant was a mole who passed the information to criminals has become an ordeal for everyone. In addition, he was a pedophile. Commander Marcel Gendron tries to keep his position and career. Nick is still trying to find a missing cousin, and Ben still can't find happiness with Amelie because of his former family. But after the tragic events, each of them began to apply more stringent methods. The storm has just begun...

19-2 Season 2

19-2 season 2 poster Bravo channel In the beginning of 19-2 season 2 the squad gets involved in a very tragic shooting at school which has a tangible effect on the lives of the police officers. We are used to seeing police officers shooting and chasing criminals in shows and movies all the time. But the creators of this particular series decided to try a different approach. The show was filmed in the genre of psychological drama and mostly focuses on the character development. The action is set in Montreal. The main plotline follows two police officers who were forced to work together. But for the order from above, these two would never get into the same car under no circumstances. But the management is not going to overrule their decision despite the evident mismatch of these two personalities. Barron and Chartier patrol weren’t very lucky when they got district 2 either. The area is known to be a quite problematic one and the arguments between the two officers make things even more difficult to handle.

19-2 Season 1

19-2 season 1 poster Bravo channel TV show "19-2" tells the story of hard working days of Montreal police department which is responsible for the most problematic areas of the city. Officer Nick Barron has just come back from a forced three-month vacation because of his partner’s death. On the very first day he finds out that he is going to work with a new precinct employee. His name is Ben Chartier and he moved to Montreal in order to start a new life. The situation gets complicated when it turns out that Nick and Ben are completely different people but they will have to forget their differences and act jointly in order to fight against crime. “19-2” series is a remake of a French-Canadian 2011 project of the same name.


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