2 Broke Girls

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2 Broke Girls season 6 key art CBS channel

Original Title: 2 Broke Girls

Country: USA, CBS

Genres :

Cast: Kat Dennings, Beth Behrs, Garrett Morris, Jonathan Kite, Matthew Moy, Jennifer Coolidge

Awards : Won 1 Primetime Emmy. Another 2 wins & 20 nominations.

TV show 2 Broke Girls is a comedy created by W.Cummings amd M.Patrick King which is broadcast on American CBS tv channel. Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs play the main roles.
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2 Broke Girls Season 6

2 Broke Girls season 5 poster CBS channel Caroline and Max do whatever it takes to keep their cupcake business afloat. One of them, Max, is portrayed by a famous American actress Kat Dennings who also appeared in many other series and movies like “Thor”. In the beginning of 2 Broke Girls season 5 the girls and their coworkers at the diner join their forces to stand against the city’s decision to demolish their building in order to build a modern fancy movie theater. Meanwhile, Sophie suspects that she is pregnant and takes numerous pregnancy tests. In the new episodes Caroline and Max start to work at a local gym’s juice bar part-time in order to take advantage of the gym’s shower after the shower in their place breaks. At the same time Caroline starts getting a lot of attention from the gym’s sexy coach and has a run-in with a group of jealous women. In one of the episodes Caroline bumps into her ex-boyfriend Andy who is now engaged which makes her think that she’s made a huge mistake.

2 Broke Girls Season 5

2 Broke Girls season 4 poster CBS channel 2 Broke Girls season 4 of the popular comedy series keeps following two young women Max and Caroline who dream about opening their own business of selling cupcakes. In order to raise the necessary fund, they are working as waitresses at a diner and do their best to make ends meet. It total they need to earn $250,000. In season 2 the two friends finally managed to fulfill their dream and opened their own shop but before long they had to close their little business. In season 3 they made another attempt and reopened the cupcake business at the back room of the diner they work at. But it didn’t go as smoothly as they expected as they faced new troubles and challenges. New season begins as the girls get an offer from a TV producer to film an episode of a reality show at their shop. Max is ashamed when she finds out her new boyfriend’s occupation. Caroline finds a bicycle on the street and comes up with a delivery service for their business but it turns out that Max can’t ride one.

2 Broke Girls Season 4

2 Broke Girls season 3 poster CBS channel 2 Broke Girls season 3 continues the story of two best friends who dream to arrange their own successful business. But only as soon as they have enough money to start. Somewhat rough Max is working in two places at the same time in order to make ends meet. Elegant Caroline comes from a wealthy family which went bankrupt because of her father’s fraud. In search of the secret ingredient of success, they are working in a company of amorous Russian chef, 75-year-old cashier and the owner of the diner. New season begins with Caroline and Max reopening their cupcake shop in the back room of the diner. That same night a legendary rock star unexpectedly dies right in front of their shop. As a result numerous fans gather at the same place the next night. In the new episodes Caroline observes two clients who have been financed through Kickstarter and decides to use this website in order to earn some money for new clothes.

2 Broke Girls Season 3

2 Broke Girls season 2 poster CBS channel 2 Broke Girls season 2 keeps following two friends Max and Caroline who do their best in order to keep their cupcake business going. Caroline is upset about the auction at which her family’s stuff will be sold. Max accompanies her friend during Caroline’s date with her father in prison. He asks Caroline to buy the cup she won at a horseback riding competition whatever the cost. It seems like some big money is hidden inside this trophy, but is it true? In the new episodes we’ll get to see a cooking show star Martha Stewart. Max is angry about the fact that Martha never called them back and arranged a meeting herself. Meanwhile, Caroline is really upset about what happened to her favorite necklace. The café is attacked by a robber demanding all the money. Han shows unexpected courage. Caroline wants to take part in the cooking battle TV show in order to compete for money. On the other hand Sophie offered the girls a job which could also help them make some good money.

2 Broke Girls Season 2

2 Broke Girls season 1 poster CBS channel “2 Broke Girls” is an American comedy series starring Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs as lead characters which premiered on CBS in September 2011. Max Black works as a waitress in a restaurant in Brooklyn. She is an ordinary girl from suburbs whose mother was never around while she was growing up. Max offers a new waitress Caroline to rent an apartment together. As a matter of fact, Caroline comes from a wealthy family which lost everything they owned when her father was caught on a fraud. Caroline moves in with Max together with her favorite horse. Before long Beth comes up with an idea to start her own business. She makes excellent cupcakes, so why not start selling them? Max and Caroline’s friendship goes through the first test when Max’s boyfriend Robbie begins to woo Caroline… The series became an Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series in 2012 and also received People’s Choice Award as Favorite New TV Comedy in 2015.

2 Broke Girls Season 1

2 Broke Girls season 6 key art CBS channel 2 Broke Girls season 6 begins with the fact that Max and Caroline are co-owners of the diner. This is a step forward in their career. Big changes are coming. The dessert bar is their new idea instead of cupcake window. The new status makes them work harder. Despite their new business, the girls will, of course, remain broke. In addition, personal life has not yet been established. Romance is a new element that they're ready to explore. For Max and lawyer Randy, exploration means a long-distance, device-based relationship. But for the moment, their romantic bond is broken. Meanwhile, Sophie and Oleg prepare to become parents.


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