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Archer season 12 download (tv episodes 1,2...)

Original Title: Archer

Country: USA, FX

Genres : , ,

Cast: H. Jon Benjamin, Judy Greer, Amber Nash, Chris Parnell, Aisha Tyler, Jessica Walter, Adam Reed, Lucky Yates

Awards : Top Rated TV #140 | Won 3 Primetime Emmys. Another 13 wins & 60 nominations.

Seasons count: 12

Archer tv series is American animation action comedy created by Adam Reed (“Frisky Dingo”, “Unsupervised”, “Sealab 2021”) which is broadcast on FX tv channel.
You will not be bored surely while watching this animation series, because the creators have made a lot of efforts to make it very interesting, exciting and funny. That’s why, absolutely every viewer should download and watch all seasons of this tv series.

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Archer Season 12 download

Archer season 12 download (tv episodes 1,2...)

Release Date: August 25, 2021
In the new season, Sterling Archer finally emerged from his coma and returned to reality, spending three seasons in Los Angeles in the 1940s, the South Pacific in 1938, and in space. During the spy's absence, a lot has changed, and Archer is sure that it will take him very little time to return everything to the good old days. But whether his team wants the same, that is the question.

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Episodes: 8 of 8 + Pack

Archer Season 11 download

Archer season 11 download (tv episodes 1, 2,...)

Release Date: September 16, 2020
Archer will wake up from a coma in the new season. Archer's coma has lasted for the past three seasons and explains why each season, starting in the eighth, has often centered around a different theme. "Archer" not only gets an unexpected eleventh season, but also another radical change in the plot. “While we were releasing past seasons, changing genres, we started thinking about how interesting it would be if Archer woke up in a world that should have existed without him,” Willis told EW. “We thought it was so interesting that we wanted to spend another season and explore this story. In his coma, we learned what is important to Archer, and now we want to see how he will react when he returns to the real world. " “We are definitely back on espionage missions,” Thompson told EW. “But the roles and personality of people have changed. In addition, the "new" Archer is physically and mentally different from who he was. He lay in bed for three years. His muscles atrophied to the point that he could not even walk. "

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Episodes: 8 of 8 + Pack

Archer Season 10 download

Archer season 10 download free (all tv episodes in HD)

Release Date: May 29, 2019
The authors will continue to parody the popular spy actions in the final season 10, including Bond and Bourne franchises, exposing the main characters as worthless fools. The creator of the series, Adam Reed, said that he plans to finish Archer for the season 10.

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Episodes: 9 of 9 + Pack

Archer Season 9 download

Archer season 9 poster FX channel Season 9 of the animated TV show for adults was called Archer: Danger Island. The events unfold in 1939. While the whole world is concerned about the outbreak of World War II, Archer is only interested in drinking. Sterling Archer appears before us as a pilot-alcoholic of seaplane in the new 9th season. He, along with his co-pilot Pam Poovey, goes to the Mitimotu island in the South Pacific Ocean. Archer and Pam are waiting for quicksand, cannibals, super-monkeys, poisoned darts and pirates on this danger and mystery island. But our special agent is a sturdy guy, so he is able to cope even with such difficulties in the upcoming episodes of Archer season 9.

Archer Season 8 download

Archer season 7 poster FX channel ISIS ceased to exist in the season 7 of the tv series "Archer". Now all employees must look for a job. And some of them even changed their profile. Moreover, they are not employees of the special services, but a private detective agency. The head of The Figgis Agency is Sterling Archer. Much will change in the season 7. Archer will become much more influential than he was at his previous job. The team moved to Los Angeles. Moreover, the headquarters of the newly emerged agency will be the cottage Cheryl Tant. It will also be possible to meet Woodhouse, who will play an important role in the life of Sterling Archer.

Archer Season 7 download

Archer season 6 poster FX channel Season 6 of the comic animated tv series "Archer" will please fans with the next investigations of confusing cases and mysterious crimes. As always the professional of his case, spy Sterling Archer tackles the problem. Archer called "Duchess" due to the habit of stylishly dressing. Moreover, his manner to confuse criminals with his appearance helps to perform the most difficult missions. Archer takes on a series of dangerous cases in the new episodes. The team of faithful colleagues helps him. This is Ray, the secretary and ex-girlfriend Lana, and other agents of the espionage center under the direction of his mother Malory. As in previous seasons, Archer's weekdays will be filled with risk, intrigues and encounters with beautiful girls in season 6.

Archer Season 6 download

Archer season 5 poster FX channel The events of the entertaining animated series "Archer" season 5 describe the new adventures of professional spy Sterling Archer. New missions make Archer perform miracles of his skill. He manages to deceive the enemy and brilliantly put across the next scam to protect the interests of the international spy agency in which he works. Archer continues to appear with long-legged beauties in his spare time and does not mind drinking with friends. However, even frequent use of drugs and alcohol does not prevent him from coping with his professional duties. Mother and at the same time Archer’s boss Malory have to turn a blind eye to the son's antics. Because there was not yet an agent among her subordinates who could surpass Sterling Archer in courage, resourcefulness and iron logic.

Archer Season 5 download

Archer season 4 poster FX channel Season 4 of the animated tv series "Archer" continues the story of the exciting adventures of Agent Sterling Archer. The protagonist completely does not remember what has happened with him and works in the cafeteria peacefully. His mother Malory finds him there. She wants to help her son to cope with the effects of amnesia. Therefore, Malory sends Archer and Lana to the spa, where he has to relax and try to restore the memory. Recalling the past, Archer goes hunting with his friend. However, their trip will lead to a series of dangerous situations unexpectedly. Soon Malory marries and Archer treats the mother's marriage with suspicion. All the same, he gets closer with his new stepfather and even saves him from gangsters. During the execution of the next mission in Turkmenistan, a poisonous snake attacks Archer. Its poison contains a strong hallucinogen, so the special agent Archer will have to feel all the consequences of taking drugs.

Archer Season 4 download

Archer season 3 poster FX channel A special agent Archer tries to forget about the tragic death of his bride and leaves for a vacation on the Pacific coast in the season 3 of the animation series. His mother Malory urgently needs Archer's help. That’s why she sends known for his thirst for adventure Rip Riley to him. Riley has to convince Archer to return home. However, suddenly pirates attack them and deliver to their island. Archer manages to reach an understanding with them and pirates consider him their new leader soon. As a result, Archer refuses to interrupt his vacation and finds an original way to bring Riley back to America. Malory makes a second attempt to lure her son home. This time Lana and Ray come to him. Archer enjoys the life of the pirate king and he is not going to come back. However, suddenly pirates take him as prisoner. As a result, Malory has to wage bargain with the invaders for the life of her son Archer.

Archer Season 3 download

Archer season 2 poster FX channel The plot of the animated series "Archer" season 2 revolves around the mother of secret agent Sterling Archer named Malory Archer, who is the head of the international spy center. It will be a difficult task for her to maintain the proper level of funding for her institution. When the budget reaches a minimum, Malory plans to sell the center to the competitor the SA ODIN. The employees of the center do not like this idea. That’s why they do their best to dissuade the boss from this deal. At the same time, the agents of the center have a new task. They need to protect the daughter of a very rich man from Switzerland, because ill-wishers plan to kidnap her. Sterling Archer with his colleagues goes to a ski resort to fulfill this mission. Soon, Archer realizes that he should be careful not to kidnappers, but to the girl-nymphomaniac.

Archer Season 2 download

Archer season 1 poster FX channel Spy animation comedy "Archer" Season 1 introduces viewers to the main character - a secret agent named Sterling Archer. Working for an international espionage agency, Archer is known under the code-named "Duchess" in his professional circle. Archer has to travel to different countries in which crisis situations and catastrophes occur. The conditions of the already complicated work of the special agent are complicated by the fact that his own mother takes the post of his boss, and his strange ex- girlfriend Lana works as a secretary at the office. Besides doing the work, the main character is forced to constantly get out of the funny situations, in which he falls through the fault of his domineering mother. In the season 1 Malory organizes a party for the director of UN intelligence in the hope of obtaining a new contract for weapons for the center. However, the guest is subjected to firing by hired killers. Archer saves Lana from the arms of Baron. He also educates the raised Cyril who worries about Archer's influence on his girlfriend. The supergiant Archer is tormented by the question: who is his father? This leads to a conflict with Malory.

Archer Season 1 download

Archer season 8 poster FXX channel Sterling Archer is a steep agent who adores the attention of beautiful women and adores good whiskey. He also has strange codename "Duchess ". Besides, his mother Malory Archer, her ex-girlfriend Lana Kane, an eccentric secretary Cheryl Tunt and other employees of this service, constantly harasses him for nothing. There has been a big turn for the main characters in the current season 7 of the animation series Archer, because the group is fired from the CIA and launches a private detective agency in Los Angeles. Thus, Season 8 of Archer tv series highlights the adventures of a former spy, now a private detective Sterling Archer and his ISIS counterparts and a private investigation office in Los Angeles.


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