Being Mary Jane

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Being Mary Jane Season 5 download free (all tv episodes in HD)

Original Title: Being Mary Jane

Country: USA, BET

Genres : ,

Cast: Gabrielle Union, Michael Ealy, Lisa Vidal, Margaret Avery, Aaron D. Spears, Richard Brooks, B.J. Britt, Raven Goodwin, Richard Roundtree, Tatom Pender, Navia Robinson, Brély Evans, Cardi B, Dave East

Seasons count: 5

Being Mary Jane tv series is American romantic drama created by Mara Brock Akil which is broadcast on BET tv channel. Gabrielle Union plays the main role.
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Being Mary Jane Season 5 download

Being Mary Jane Season 5 download free (all tv episodes in HD)

Release Date: April 23, 2019
This is the 2 hour final of the story.

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Episodes: 1

Being Mary Jane Season 4 download

Being Mary Jane season 4 poster BET channel She leaves Atlanta in Being Mary Jane season 4. At the moment, it seems that this is the right decision. Fired and frustrated with her love life, Mary Jane starts new season of this fun yet poignant drama in a new home - New York City. She makes the move to the Big Apple to anchor a national morning show, where she meets a new love interest. Big changes began in her life. Now, she has a new job (correspondent on a morning news/talk show) and a sexy British stand-up comedian, who is a new hope for true love...

Being Mary Jane Season 3 download

Being Mary Jane season 3 poster BET channel Being Mary Jane season 3 continues the drama series following a successful TV show host who is in a pursuit of love and happiness. In the beginning of new season Mary Jane’s family will gather around her at the hospital in the aftermath of the accident. At the same time, Kara is fighting for her at SNC since Greg and Shohreh will do anything to edge Mary Jane out. In the new episodes we will see how SNC hires a new young and attractive Latin American girl named Marisol to replace Mary Jane. But that’s not all. Mary Jane will find out terrible news about her beloved one which hit her really hard. But with help and support of her family and friends she will stand to fight for her future.

Being Mary Jane Season 2 download

Being Mary Jane season 2 poster BET channel Being Mary Jane season 2 follows Mary Jane Paul, a popular TV show host. Mary Jane is successful and charming but she is turning 40 soon and never got to arrange her personal life. By the end of season 1 she had broken up with both Andrew, her lover who turned out to be married and her boyfriend David who started dating a blond model. Mary Jane lives all by herself in a big beautiful house while her careless niece is giving a birth to another child. She is still hoping to find true love and doesn’t want to become a mother by deceit – like once she froze David’s sperm without telling him. After all David found out about it – not all secrets should be trusted to friends. But having thought about it, Mary decides not to use it – she wants to become a mother in a happy marriage with a beloved husband.

Being Mary Jane Season 1 download

Being Mary Jane season 1 poster BET channel Being Mary Jane is an American drama series. TV show was originally titled “Single Black Female”. Each episode begins with a famous quote devoted to relationships. Mary Jane Paul is a successful TV anchor, hosting her own show. She is in her late thirties but still struggling to start a family. But Mary is not all alone – she either spends time with her ex-boyfriend David or Andrew, a married man who she has been dating for two months having no idea that he is married. Mary Jane’s got a big family which includes her mother who suffers from lupus and constantly needs attention, her older brother who is fighting against drug addiction, a younger brother who sells weed, older brother’s wife who seems to be in labor all the time and their daughter who is pregnant for the second time at 19... But the main focus of the series is on Mary Jane who is in search of the man to settle down with.


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