Breaking Bad

[Total: 8   Average: 3.6/5]
Breaking Bad season 1 poster AMC channel

Original Title: Breaking Bad

Country: USA, AMC

Genres : , , , Romance

Cast: Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris, Kevin Rankin, Betsy Brandt, Adam Godley, Jesse Plemons, Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, RJ Mitte, Steven Michael Quezada, Carmen Serano, Charles Baker, Jessica Hecht, Christopher Cousins, Matt L. Jones, Michael Shamus Wiles, Emily Rios, Larry Hankin, Lavell Crawford, Bill Burr, Jim Beaver, Laura Fraser, Michael Bowen, Louis Ferreira, Chris Freihofer, Mike Batayeh

Awards : Won 2 Golden Globes. Another 132 wins & 213 nominations.

TV show Breaking Bad is a crime drama created by V.Gilligan which is broadcast on American AMC tv channel. This is one of the top rated tv series according IMDB rating.
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Breaking Bad Season 5

Breaking Bad season 5 poster AMC channel Breaking Bad season 5 is the final season of a popular American criminal drama series about a Chemistry teacher who got involved in drug business after he was diagnosed with a fatal disease. Walter comes back to see his family who is still kept under guard. Meanwhile, the community is dealing with the consequences of the explosion at Casa Tranquila nursing home. The news about the incident is spreading at the speed of light and Walt is trying to find new ways to protect and support his family while keeping his business secret. He gets rid of all evidence that could potentially connect him with the killed drug dealer Gus: materials for the bomb, plant poison and Gus’ laptop. In order to start his life over and open another profitable business, Walt and Jesse decide to find a new partner. A brilliant criminal lawyer Saul Goodman is there to offer them several ventures to equip a new lab. Meanwhile, Drug Enforcement Administration is using all possible sources to find some kind of clue.

Breaking Bad Season 4

Breaking Bad season 4 poster AMC channel Breaking Bad season 4 continues to follow former Chemistry teacher Walter White and his assistant Jesse, a boy with unique talents in Chemistry, who use their knowledge and skills to produce methamphetamine. New season begins with partners being held in the laboratory. Now they are waiting for Gus’ reaction to Gale’s murder. Meanwhile, Skyler is trying to find her missing husband while keeping everything secret from Walter Jr. Hank keeps fighting for life after getting injured. Walt buys and carries a gun in order to kill Gus but a different person shows up at the lab instead of him. Mike tells Walt that he shouldn’t even try to look for Gus. Jesse wants to distract himself from Gale’s murder and throws a days-long party at his place.

Breaking Bad Season 3

Breaking Bad season 3 poster AMC channel In Breaking Bad season 3 premiere, Walter is trying to deal with the consequences of a plane crash while Jesse finds out a lot of new things about himself. Meanwhile, Skyler demands a divorce when she finds out that he paid for treatment by himself and that he is not just a drug dealer – he is a producer. Walt does his best to make up with Skyler but when all of his attempts get rejected he takes extreme measures in order to reunite the family. But the family keeps falling apart as Walter Jr. gets mad and attacks his mother. Walter loses control and endangers both his work and relationships.

Breaking Bad Season 2

Breaking Bad season 2 poster AMC channel Breaking Bad season 2 begins when Walt and Jesse are stealing the ingredients they need to keep making methamphetamine. They make a deal with a Mexican gangster named Tuco Salamanca and soon realize how unbalanced and cruel he can be. They get caught by a security camera and Hank gets the footage. But he has no idea that Walter is on it. Skyler decides to tell Hank about Marie’s shoplifting but his reaction really surprises her. Tuco abducts Walter and Jesse and keeps them in a cabin in the middle of a desert. He is planning to take them to Mexico so that they produce methamphetamine in his laboratory. Walt attempts to kill Tuco by the poison he brought with him. Meanwhile, Hank starts looking for Jesse in order to find Walt.

Breaking Bad Season 1

Breaking Bad season 1 poster AMC channel TV series "Breaking Bad" follows Walter White, a school Chemistry teacher who just turned 50. But the present he receives for birthday is not so joyful – he is diagnosed with lung cancer. Walter’s family is not doing very well either struggling to make ends meet: his wife Skyler is pregnant while their first son Walter Jr. suffers from celebral palsy. Having considered the perspectives of a lingering and costly treatment of non-operable cancer and inevitable death afterwards, Walter makes an unforeseen decision. In an attempt to ease life for his family, he finds a very practical application for his profession – he decides to start making methamphetamine. In his enterprise Walter is assisted by Jesse Pinkman, Walter’s former student who was kicked out of school for his unusual “Chemistry talent”. He lives by himself in a house which used to belong to his aunt and doesn’t keep in touch with his parents.


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