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Castle season 1 poster ABC channel

Original Title: Castle

Country: USA, ABC

Genres : , ,

Cast: Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Seamus Dever, Tamala Jones, Molly Quinn, Susan Sullivan, Coby Ryan McLaughlin, Sunkrish Bala, Jack Coleman, Toks Olagundoye, Ann Cusack, Jon Huerta, Brad Lee Wind, Daisy Betts

Awards : Nominated for 4 Primetime Emmys. Another 18 wins & 15 nominations.

TV show Castle is a crime drama which is broadcast on ABC tv channel. All 8 seasons are great!
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Castle Season 8

Castle season 8 poster ABC channel Castle season 8 continues the story of the best-selling detective thrillers writer Richard Castle and his wife Kate Beckett, a New York City police detective who specializes in murder crimes. The initial idea of the series belongs to Andrew W. Marlowe but the showrunners of season 8 are Terence Paul Winter and Alexi Hawley. The first two episodes of the season show two different perspectives on the same story, at first from Castle’s point of view and then from Beckett’s. In season 7 finale Detective Beckett passed an exam and became the captain of the 12th Precinct. Moreover, she was offered to consider becoming a senator. But on the very first day of working at the new position Beckett receives a phone call from a stranger who warns her about a mortal threat. Beckett leaves home for a meeting which has disastrous consequences. Castle is desperate and takes extreme measures in order to save his wife. He addresses Senator William Bracken who was actually sent to prison because of him and Beckett. Bracken warns Richard that Kate’s obsession will kill her someday…

Castle Season 7

Castle season 7 poster ABC channel In 2014 Castle TV series became a winner of People’s Choice Awards in “Favorite Criminal Drama” nomination while Nathan Fillion received an award as a “Favorite Drama Actor”. In Castle season 7 Nathan’s character Richard Castle, a novelist, continues to gather information for his detective stories with the help of New York City police detective Kate Beckett. Castle follows her and finds himself in the thick of unusual and mysterious crimes which he later describes in his bestseller books. At first Beckett wasn’t very happy about the fact that she became a prototype of Nikki Heat, the main character of Castle’s detective stories. But a romantic sparkle which appeared between the two of them changed everything. Season 6 finale really surprised the series’ fans who were expecting the main characters to get married. The scriptwriters added an unexpected plot twist which left the viewers lost in conjecture looking forward to season 7. Moreover, the series’ creator Andrew W. Marlowe promised to add a new plotline in the new season.

Castle Season 6

Castle season 6 poster ABC channel The detective series continues to follow a successful and charming novelist Richard Castle and his girlfriend, an attractive and intelligent police detective Kate Beckett. Castle season 6 has a completely new dynamic as the two main characters finally confessed their feelings to each other in the previous season and they now try to find that subtle balance between career and relationship. It is especially crucial now when Beckett got a job offer in Washington DC and a marriage proposal from Castle at the same time. As a result, Castle and Beckett will have to deal with the consequences of their decisions in the game where the stakes are quite high. In the new episodes Richard and Kate are going to investigate more unusual cases both separately and side-by-side. Some of these cases turn out to be even more complicated and entangled than they originally imagine them to be. In one of the episodes Castle and Beckett will even get a taste of what it feels like to be parents when they find a baby at a crime scene…

Castle Season 5

Castle season 5 poster ABC channel The events of Castle season 5 begin several hours after what happened in season 4. Richard and Kate finally confess their feelings to each other after several years of acquaintance and numerous tests that they have gone through. But they think it would be better for everybody to keep their relationship secret for now. Kate has already quit her job at the police because of frictions with her boss Captain Gates. Now she is up to find a hired assassin named Cole Maddox who attempted her life. Her loyal friends and former colleagues are there for her. Season 5 is very different from the previous seasons as now the main characters who used to only be friends and work together have finally become a couple. The series producers admit that they have taken a big risk by letting Castle and Beckett no longer hide their romantic feelings for each other. Season 5 also features Jodi Lyn O’Keefe famous for her part in “Prison Break”, Tamara Braun known for her long-lasting projects like and a stand-up comedian Kevin Brown.

Castle Season 4

Castle season 4 poster ABC channel Traditionally, the advertising campaign for Castle season 4 of the series included publication of another Richard Castle’s detective novel called “Heat Rises”. New episode opens with Beckett’s shocking discovery that her own boss Captain Montgomery was partially involved in her mother’s murder. Montgomery runs away when Kate attempts to clarify the situation. But when Kate finally manages to get to talk to him, the captain unexpectedly gets into a shooting incident and dies. The people he exchanged fire with appear to be responsible for killing Kate’s mother. Kate, Richard and other people involved in the case decide to continue the investigation but keep Montgomery’s part in it a secret.

Castle Season 3

Castle season 3 poster ABC channel Castle season 3 keeps following NYC police detective Kate Beckett and novelist Richard Castle, an unusual alliance of people who investigate murder cases together. During a promo campaign which accompanied the beginning of season 3, ABC cautiously released the book called “Naked Heat” which appears in the first episodes of the series. The book was snapped up by the series fans which immediately gave it the 7th place in “The New York Times” bestseller rating. According to Richard Castle, the image of Nikki Heat, the main character of the book, has been inspired by Detective Beckett. Back in the series, Castle has been away all summer working on his new novel. Meanwhile, Kate and her subordinates Esposito and Ryan as well as forensic medicine expert Lanie Parish are investigating another crime – a young teacher has been shot and thrown out of the window. Having found a paper note in the victim’s hand, Beckett and her colleagues go to the mentioned address. They are all going to be so surprised to find their old friend Castle there, standing next to a woman’s dead body…

Castle Season 2

Castle season 2 poster ABC channel Unconventional couple are back in Castle season 2 with more entangled crimes to solve. When Rick finds out that Beckett has been trying to investigate the conditions of her mother’s death, he decides to help Kate in an underhand way. As soon as Beckett finds out about it, she has an argument with Rick and swears that she will never work with him again. However, before long Captain Montgomery has to admit the writer back to the investigations as a consultant following mayor’s request. Kate's still mad at Castle but finally agrees to accept him back, seeing his sincere remorse and also because her direct boss’ demands her to do so. Beckett’s subordinates Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan are very happy that Castle is back as he not only makes their job easier but also more exciting. In 2010 the episode of season 2 called “Famous Last Words” was nominated for Motion Picture Sound Editors Award and the episode called “Vampire Weekend” became a nominee of “Primetime Emmy Awards” in three different categories.

Castle Season 1

Castle season 1 poster ABC channel Castle has gained popularity reaching the top watched series alongside “House M.D.”, “C.S.I.”, “24 hours” pretty rapidly. The secret might be lying in the producers’ main emphasis on characters’ personalities rather than detective plot twists. Kate Beckett is an attractive and smart woman with successful career of a police officer while Richard Castle is a talented writer who is used to his popularity and high-society lifestyle. The action is set in the United States in the present day. Detective Kate Beckett serves at NYPD. Having presented herself as a talented investigator, Kate is assigned the most unusual and complicated murders. While examining another murder scene, Beckett realizes that it is set in the exact same way as the crime scene described in Richard Castle’s famous novel “Flowers For Your Grave”: the victim’s body is studded with rose petals and eyes covered with 2 sunflowers. Kate immediately understands that Castle could be very helpful for the investigation.


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