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Chance season 1 poster Hulu channel

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Original Title: Chance

Country: USA, Hulu

Genres : , Drama, Mystery

Cast: Hugh Laurie, Greta Lee, Ethan Suplee, Stefania LaVie Owen, Clarke Peters, David Barrera, Marwan Salama, Diane Farr, Ginger Gonzaga, Brian Goodman, Katrina Norman, Tim Griffin

TV show Chance is a mystery thriller created by A.Cunningham and K.Nunn which is broadcast on American Hulu tv channel. Hugh Laurie plays the main role.
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Chance Season 2

Chance season 2 poster Hulu channel TV show Chance season 2 is the continuation of the American criminal-psychological thriller on Hulu, which tells about the life of Eldon Chance - forensic psychoneurologist from San Francisco. He admits a fatal mistake in season 1, making a conclusion about one of his patients suffering from a split personality. As a result, he is drawn into the criminal world. Dr. Chance understands that only Detective Kevin Hynes can help get out of this situation. But would he want to? The detective is ready to give Eldon a chance for a new life in exchange for a service. He should help in catching the serial killer, but it can cost him his life. But Dr. Chance has no choice. He agrees to cooperate, which further complicates his existence. Now he must first of all survive and rethink the meaning of his life in the new episodes of season 2 Chance.

Chance Season 1

Chance season 1 poster Hulu channel Psycho-sexual thriller series "Chance" is a screen adaptation of Kem Nunn's novel. The plot focuses on a middle-aged forensic neuropsychiatrist Eldon Chance. He's a doctor with troubled mind and has some skeletons in his closet. Eldon has become so isolated from other people because of his job. He's a lonely man, floating in the midst of this terrible ocean of unhappiness in the form of his patients, who are so bereft and in many ways beyond help. But one day, his concern for a beautiful patient Jaclyn Blackstone turns into a full-blown affair. Then her husband Raymond finds out and things get dangerous...


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