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Claws season 4 download (tv episodes 1, 2,...)

Original Title: Claws

Country: USA, TNT

Genres : , ,

Cast: Niecy Nash, Carrie Preston, Judy Reyes, Karrueche Tran, Jenn Lyon, Jack Kesy, Dean Norris, Harold Perrineau, Kevin Rankin, Jason Antoon, Suleka Mathew, Franka Potente, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Evan Daigle, Paul Mann, Aadyn Encalarde

Awards : 4 wins & 9 nominations.

Seasons count: 4

Claws tv series is a crime drama created by E.Laurence which is broadcast on American TNT tv channel. The project’s showrunner is Janine Sherman Barrois (“Criminal Minds“). The directors are Howard Deutsch (“Outcast“, “The Strain“). All of them are also listed as executive producers along with Rashida Jones (“Angie Tribeca“) and Will McCormack (“A to Z”). The production process is controlled by Warner Horizon Television and Studio T.
You will not be bored surely while watching this drama series, because the creators have made a lot of efforts to make it very interesting, exciting and sometimes funny. That’s why, absolutely every viewer should download and watch all seasons of this tv series.

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Claws Season 4 download

Claws season 4 download (tv episodes 1, 2,...)

Release Date: December 26, 2021
The series "Claws" returns with a fourth season. This is a gripping and captivating story that will surely appeal to many viewers and fans of original stories dedicated to strong and independent women. The main character always wanted to be self-confident and successful. She did a lot. She was ready to go to any lengths to earn superiority in any business that she would not undertake. The heroine did not put men on a par with women, believing that they were drones. Currently, the main character is engaged in manicure. She is a master of her craft. A manicurist looks after the hands of people who are truly powerful and successful. Many people think that going to the salon really helps. Many influential people speak very well about the work of the protagonist. The woman herself will start building a luxurious house when she launders all the money that was at stake. What will be next?

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Episodes: 9

Claws Season 3 download

Claws season 3 download free (all tv episodes in HD)

Release Date: June 9, 2019
The action of the series still unfolds in the salon Nail Artisan in South Florida. But the main heroines not only paint their nails in the salon… Girls will continue to squeeze the criminal business from their male rivals in the third season, knowing full well that they can pay for it with their heads...

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Episodes: 10 of 10 + Pack

Claws Season 2 download

Claws season 2 download (tv episodes 1, 2,...) Manicurists from the salon "Nail Artisan" continue to fight bravely for their own financial well-being, starting launder Mafia’s money independently in the upcoming season 2 of Claws. Desna, Polly, Ann, Virginia and Jennifer understand that there are a lot of factions-competitors. But the most dangerous for them is Russian mafia, whose representatives forced our manicurists to transfer a portion of their profits and work for them. As a result, the main characters get acquainted with Zlata (Franka Potente). This is Riva's sister, and she came to supervise the activities of the salon. Desna is experiencing a romance with Dr. Gregory Ruval (Jimmy Jean-Louis). Virginia is pregnant... In general, everyone adapts to new circumstances and try to survive in Claws season 2.

Episodes: 10 of 10 + Pack

Claws Season 1 download

Claws season 1 poster TNT channel Claws is a comedy drama from the TNT channel. The main character of the tv series "Claws" always achieves everything in life by herself. Desna is the owner of the Beauty salon Nail Artisan in South Florida. She has an iron temper and far-sighted plans. Desna can please the most fastidious client and make a manicure of any complexity with an abundance of rhinestones, sparkles and other spectacular materials. She adores luxury and understands that she will not grow rich honestly. The main heroine of the series Claws finds like-minded people in the face of the manicure salon staff in season 1. And this female gang with claws is ready to prove that they are quite capable to get a criminal leadership in South Florida. Local criminal authorities-males will have to surpass themselves to tame wild cats with sharp claws.

Episodes: 10 of 10 + Pack


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