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Colony season 1 poster USA Network channel

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Original Title: Colony

Country: USA, USA Network

Genres : , , , Drama

Cast: Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies, Peter Jacobson, Isabella Crovetti, Alex Neustaedter, Ally Walker, John Hoogenakker, Elise Gatien, David Paetkau, Waleed Zuaiter, E.J. Bonilla, Stephen Lobo, Celeste White Steele, Stephanie Van Dyck, Baylee Breen-Wood, Nilo Ghajar, Lorraine Colond, Peyton List, Wayne Brady, Graham McTavish

Awards : 4 nominations.

TV show Colony is a adventure drama created by Ryan Condal and Carlton Cuse which is broadcast on American USA tv channel. Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies play the main roles.
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Colony Season 3

Colony season 3 poster USA Network channel The occupation continues in Colony season 3. The main change that has occurred since the season 2 is the shift of location from Los Angeles to Vancouver. Recall that Will and his family set out to meet the unknown in the final of the previous chapter. The audience together with them will learn in new episodes, what is life outside the City of Angels. Alan Snyder, who claims that he was tired of being a "rat", went with Bowmans. However, they would not blindly trust him, because he can be both a friend and an enemy. The plot of the third chapter starts six months after the events of the last episodes. Will (Josh Holloway) and Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) will try to start a new life outside of Los Angeles, but soon a terrible threat looms over their family. The main characters will go into a dangerous adventure. They will take part in large-scale battles, gain new enemies and unexpected allies and finally they will be able to see the true face of the mysterious invaders of the Earth in the season 3 of Colony tv series.

Colony Season 2

Colony season 2 poster USA Network Colony season 2 still talks about how alien intelligence captured Los Angeles. Former federal agent Will Bowman was forced to work on the alien invaders to get on the trail of his missing son. But his wife Katie secretly cooperating with the resistance movement. In the finale of the first season, the Bowmans went their separate ways, and come face to face with the unknown threat. The charismatic, cunning and ruthless politician Proxy Alcala replaces Snyder, who was removed from his post. Katie is in a difficult situation, because if her secret became known to Will, the others can of something guess. Especially now, when Katie was left all alone, she is vulnerable as ever. In the new season, people will start to vigorously fight for their lives. They will rise up against those who enslaved them.

Colony Season 1

Colony season 1 poster USA Network channel TV show "Colony" takes place in the near future in Los Angeles, occupied by alien invaders. The largest cities of California were divided by a huge wall, and began to be referred to as the "Blocs". LA has changed a lot in 10 months of occupation. The automated drones and armed patrols monitor compliance with the order on the streets. They are ready to mercilessly punish anyone who decides to act against the new government. Former FBI agent Will Bowman is looking for ways to get out of their blocs and to try to find his youngest son, Charlie who turned on the other side of the wall. Alan Snyder, Proxy Governor of the Los Angeles Bloc, promises to help find the child, if Bowman will start cooperation with the occupiers against the Resistance. His wife Katie is an active Resistance member. But Will still doesn't know about it and have to accept the offer of the occupying forces. Will he be a traitor, or will decide to lead a double game against the invaders?


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