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Debris season 1 download (episodes 1, 2..)

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Original Title: Derbis

Country: USA, NBC

Genres : , ,

Cast: Thomas Cadrot, Armin Karame, Alex Bogomolov, Jennifer Copping, Riann Steele, Todd Thomson

Seasons count: 1

Debris tv series is an American Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi directed by Steven A. Adelson (“Claws“, “Motherland: Fort Salem“), Rebecca Rodriguez (“Zorro”, “Snowpiercer Padraic”) Padraic McKinley (“The Good Lord Bird“, “The Loudest Voice) for NBC TV channel.

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Derbis season 1 download

Debris season 1 download (episodes 1, 2..)

Release Date: March 1, 2021
The American sci-fi series "Debris" tells the story of two agents with radically different mindsets who work together to find out what has changed after the crash of an alien spaceship. The case is to be investigated by both. There are observations that debris scattered across the Western Hemisphere is changing life. Each agent has a different approach, but they are forced to work together to investigate the destroyed alien ship and its mysterious influence on humanity.

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