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Elementary season 7 download free (all tv episodes in HD)

Original Title: Elementary

Country: USA, CBS

Genres : , ,

Cast: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn, Desmond Harrington, Jon Michael Hill, Robert Capron, Alia Attallah, Daniel May Wong, Daniel May Wong, Natalia Kiriya

Awards : Nominated for 2 Primetime Emmys. Another 6 wins & 16 nominations.

Seasons count: 7

Elementary tv series is a crime drama created by R.Doherty (“Ringer”, “Medium”) which is broadcast on American CBS tv channel. Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller (“Dexter”) play the main roles.
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Elementary Season 7 download

Elementary season 7 download free (all tv episodes in HD)

Release Date: May 23, 2019
Season 7 will officially become the final. Recall that, Sherlock and Joan were in London in the latest episode of season 6, and when the series returns to the screens, the plot will take a whole year. No matter how much detectives like the capital of foggy Albion, duty calls them back to New York. Holmes and Dr.Watson move on and build a career as a consultants at Scotland Yard, but all the cards are confused by the news that a person close to them is seriously injured in the United States. Sherlock‘s problems with the law interfere with the main characters to return to New York quietly. Moreover, the situation is used by the most dangerous enemy they met - billionaire Odin Reichenbach (James Frain). He is just waiting for the right moment to test his opponents for strength.

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Episodes: 13 of 13 + Pack

Elementary Season 6 download

Elementary season 6 poster CBS channel

Release Date: April 30, 2018
It became clear at the end of "Elementary" season 5 that the relationship between Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson is going through hard times. Holmes life has come a rather difficult period. He communicated with his dead mother, that’s why was forced to go to the hospital, where he was sent to a brain examination. The health of main hero will play an important role in the plot of the new season 6, because it will cause problems both personal and professional. Sherlock will have to explain a lot to Joan. Moreover, he has got used to the idea that he is the best detective of New York, and the disease will still affect his career. The new character Michael (Desmond Harrington - "Shooter", "Sneaky Pete") will pour oil on the flame in the upcoming episodes. This is a former drug addict whom our detective once helped tie. Now he is ready to repay the debt by providing support to an old friend. However, the hero of Harrington will go too far with his care. As a result, Sherlock will have to think about how to get rid of a comrade who has become his shadow. But, nevertheless, Holmes and Watson will return to investigating the most intricate and interesting cases of New York in Elementary season 6.
Episodes: 21 of 21 + Pack

Elementary Season 5 download

Elementary season 5 CBS channel Elementary season 5 continues the story of the modern Holmes and Watson. Last season, the companions saved the life of Holmes’ father, Morland. Also, they found that the criminal organization of Moriarty is directly related to the assassination attempt. At the beginning of the new season, Sherlock and Joan help the NYPD in catching a serial bomber. Watson is forced to seek help from a former criminal who was her patient many years ago. Parthers' personal relationships are put on the backburner, but Holmes notes that Watson is unhappy. He suggests that this is due to her detective career and wants to ask her about it...

Elementary Season 4 download

Elementary season 4 poster CBS channel Elementary season 4 keeps following a British detective named Sherlock Holmes who used to be addicted to drugs and thus was sent to New York for a rehab therapy. He ends up staying in Brooklyn and working as a consultant for a local police department. Dr. Joan Watson, an attractive and intelligent woman, was hired by Holmes’ father to assist him and keep Sherlock out of trouble. Sherlock deals with the aftermath of his relapse and is visited by his father. Meanwhile, Sherlock and Joan get down to investigating the case of a missing woman in order to get back on the police’s good side. Sherlock’s father will offer his help to reinstate them as NYPD consultants but Holmes junior is suspicious about this idea.

Elementary Season 3 download

Elementary season 3 poster CBS channel Elementary season 3 begins when Sherlock Holmes fails to take root in the intelligence service and is fired. Having come back from London to New York, he decides to go back to the work he is used to. Now he has a new assistant and is eager to cooperate with the police. Captain Gregson is favorable but he has one important condition. Holmes will have to get Joan Watson’s approval who is now the chief private consultant of city police. The new season of a popular TV series will continue the story of an ingenious detective and his charming assistant. In the previous seasons the main character was struggling to get over his past, trying to forget it and conceal from everybody. But in this one he will be forced to forget about his tragic story as they are assigned some weighty matters of state which cannot be failed by any circumstances. Despite his keen wit and intuition, at first Sherlock shuns this case but then something will make him change his mind.

Elementary Season 2 download

Elementary season 2 poster CBS channel Elementary season 2 keeps following the modern version of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson who are now headed for London in order to find a mentally unbalanced police officer named Gareth Lestrade who used to investigate the murder case of London media magnate’s wife. Sherlock really looks forward to coming back to his apartment which turns out to be taken by his brother Mycroft whom Sherlock considers to be their family’s disgrace. His aversion for his brother is reciprocal as Sherlock once hooked up with Mycroft’s fiancé explaining this by the need to show his brother his future wife’s miserable personality. Mycroft seeks revenge and starts courting Watson which really gets on Sherlock’s nerves. In the new episodes Holmes and Watson will investigate murders of two companion math experts who came very close to solving one of Millennium Prize problems. Meanwhile, Joan decides to provide financial support to the son of the patient whom she failed to save during the surgery several years ago.

Elementary Season 1 download

Elementary season 1 poster CBS channel “Elementary” is an American criminal drama series and a new interpretation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s books about legendary Sherlock Holmes. Unlike BBC’s famous “Sherlock” series, the action of “Elementary” is set in present-day New York. The story follows a British detective named Sherlock Holmes, a former drug addict who was sent to a rehab center in New York. But after the treatment is over, he decides to stay in Brooklyn and work as a consultant at a NYC police department. In his investigations he is accompanied by Dr. Joan Watson who was hired by Holmes’ father. In the pilot episode of the series Holmes and Watson investigate a breaking and entering case whereas the owner notifies his wife’s loss. Another case will involve murders of rich businessman’s illegitimate children. The main suspect is his legitimate daughter but she has an airtight alibi – coma. Sherlock and Joan will also investigate the kidnapping case which will lead them to a serial killer known as “balloon man” who leaves a bunch of balloons at the murder site.


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