Firefly Lane

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Original Title: Firefly Lane

Country: USA, Netflix

Genres : ,

Cast: Beau Garrett, Sarah Chalke, Roan Curtis, Katherine Heigl, Ben Lawson, Ali Skovbye, Yael Yurman, Jon-Michael Eckerm Paul McGillion, Chelah Horsdal, Brendan Taylor, Brandon Jay McLaren, Quinn Lord, Jason McKinnon, Synto D. Misati, Jenna Rosenow

Seasons count: 1

Firefly Lane tv series is American romantic drama created by Maggie Friedman (“Witches of East End”, “Eastwic”, “Dawson’s Creek”) for Netflix TV channel. This is a series about two high school girlfriends whose friendship stretched over three decades.

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Firefly Lane season 1 download

Firefly Lane season 1 download (tv episodes 1, 2,...)

Release Date: February 3, 2021
Kate Mularkey, an eighth-grader, is ready to change her place in the food chain for any other, because all they do is tease and humiliate her. Tucked in by everyone, she would like to climb a little higher on the social ladder, but her fate is to remain at the bottom. Nothing promises that life will become a little better exactly until the coolest girl in the district settles on its street. And, lo and behold, Tully Hart, around whom the whole world revolves, wants to communicate with her. Their tandem seems to have been created in spite of everyone: Kate is a creep who is spread rot even by relatives, and Tully, to whom everyone breathes unevenly and who has one secret that she is not ready to reveal to anyone. So unexpectedly for both ends the summer of 74th year. Tully desperately wants to prove that she is worth something, because her mother abandoned her as a child. She dreams of being loved just like that, from a pure heart. Tully spends her hairy eighties in search of a man who would fill the void in her heart. In the buttoned-up nineties, she was fascinated by the world of television. The desire to succeed is bringing her to New York. she travels all over the world. She has fame, money, but no loved one around. Kate also finds what she dreamed of - a calm, quiet life. She will not enjoy this for long. Marriage and marriage will change her. One terrible day she will understand this is not what she wanted. Her heart is filled with envy for a charming and successful childhood friend. For thirty years, Kate and Tully's relationship had everything: anger, envy, pain and resentment. It seems to both of them that nothing can destroy their friendship. But faith in this collapses exactly at that moment, until there is a betrayal, as unexpected as it was ripening.

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