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Greyzone season 1 poster TV 2 channel

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Original Title: GreyZone

Country: Denmark, Sweden | TV 2

Genres : ,

Cast: Birgitte Hjort Sørensen, Ardalan Esmaili, Joachim Fjelstrup, Virgil Katring-Rasmussen, Tova Magnusson, Johan Rabaeus, Lars Ranthe, Özlem Saglanmak, Christopher Wollter, Karin Franz Körlof, Kida Khodr Ramadan, Olaf Højgaard, Jessica Liedberg

TV show GreyZone (Gråzon) is a drama thriller which is shot in Denmark in cooperation with several European countries. It is broadcast on TV 2 tv channel. The creators are Oskar Söderlund and Morten Dragsted, and Jesper W. Nielsen shot the first five episodes (out of ten).
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GreyZone Season 1

Greyzone season 1 poster TV 2 channel GreyZone season 1 is an action series, which is devoted to the vital problem of terrorism. The plot develops in Scandinavia, where criminals are planning to stage a terrorist act. They take son of Victoria Rahbek (Birgitte Hjort Sørensen) as hostages for this. Because she is an engineer on drones. Ill-wishers force her to steal the components necessary to create a nuclear bomb. The secret services of Denmark and Sweden are trying to prevent a catastrophe. They find a rocket in the port of the Swedish city Gothenburg, the launch of which will lead to catastrophic consequences. The second infernal machine could not be found, it disappeared without a trace. Danish agents Eva Forsberg (Tova Magnusson) and Jesper Lassen (Joachim Fjelstrup), trying not to miss the precious time, begin to hunt criminals at the Grey Zone. Victoria, in turn, simultaneously works as a double agent for both the police and terrorists. She will do everything possible to prevent the attack and save her son. However, she has a "Stockholm syndrome" and she falls in love with one of the kidnappers ... in the new episodes of season 1 GreyZone.


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