House of Lies

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House of Lies season 1 poster Showtime channel

Original Title: House of Lies

Country: USA, Showtime

Genres : ,

Cast: Don Cheadle, Kristen Bell, Ben Schwartz, Josh Lawson, Donis Leonard Jr., Glynn Turman, Dawn Olivieri, Valorie Curry, Brianna Baker

Awards : Won 1 Golden Globe. Another 5 wins & 32 nominations.

TV show House of Lies is a comedy drama created by Matthew Carnahan which is broadcast on American Showtime tv channel. Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell plays the main role.
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House of Lies Season 5

House of Lies season 5 poster Showtime channel It took a long five years since the moment when the team of the successful consulting agent Marty Kaan first appeared on the Showtime channel. The main characters of the TV series "House of Lies" practically did not change during these years. It is still most important for them to close the deal successfully. We learn in the first episode that Jeannie became the CFO of a very famous American company specializing in the creation and "promotion" of medicines. She wants to identify immediately all the pitfalls in the company Davis & Dexter. That’s why she asks the staff of the House of Lies to make a financial analysis of the corporation's affairs. This means that now the relationship between the main pair of tv series House of Lies is gradually improving. They try to put up with each other's characters. They have a common child who needs parents, not their constant quarrels. Marty even makes Jeannie a marriage proposal. However, this is not the only worry for the fan of lies now. He also tries to get a potential client. Marty even begins to play a popular online game for this...

House of Lies Season 4

House of Lies season 4 poster Showtime channel TV series House of Lies Season 5 highlights events after the Marty release from Prison. He returns to his team “Kaan & Associates” so-called House of Lies. The team continues to fight, so as not to go bankrupt. Jeannie tells Marty that she is pregnant. Moreover, this is his baby. The fan of lies wants to get his old enemy Ellis Hightower as a partner. In its turn Jeannie begins to look for a new job. But Marty persuades her to stay in the team. They recruit Denna Altshuler to take revenge on Ellis. But Altshuler recalls her funding due to disagreements with Marty. As a result, the main character of the tv series House of Lies gathers a team to convince them to stay with him for a year. He promises them to rich fabulously. Jeannie gives birth to daughter and moves to another job.

House of Lies Season 3

House of Lies season 3 poster Showtime channel In the new series the House of Lies season 3, fame of the financial managers, the craftsmen of lies will spread throughout the city. They will have even more profitable orders and wealthy customers. The heroes will have to deal with the most difficult case in the season 3. Moreover, the further fate of the team depends on the success of this case. The main thing is to discard the principles and say goodbye to their conscience forever. In addition, Marty will solve personal issues. Because his wife left him, leaving him to raise a young son. Will a man be able to combine the care for a child and the career in House of Lies? In addition, soon a new love will appear in Marty's life. This circumstance will complicate the whole situation.

House of Lies Season 2

House of Lies season 2 poster Showtime channel In the comedy tv series House of Lies season 2, Marty Kaan has to deal not only with working problems, but also to solve difficult issues in his personal life. His ex-wife Monica Talbot sues to register custody of the common child. The fact that their son does not feel like a man. Moreover, he declares that he is going to have an operation to change the sex. The main hero of tv series House of Lies does not want to part with the child, but Roscoe packs and leaves his father. Marty attempts to reunite with the ex-wife after that. He begins to show her signs of attention, which complicates the situation even more. Besides, our fan of lies perhaps will have a love relationship with an attractive employee. In addition, another drunken party may be a good reason for rapprochement.

House of Lies Season 1

House of Lies season 1 poster Showtime channel Comedy drama tv series House of Lies based on the eponymous book by Matthew Carnahan. This is a kind of inside look at the world of big business, because the author himself worked for about three years in a large consulting company. The main hero of the tv series House of Lies is a business consultant Marty Kaan. He is a real professional in his field, an unexcelled genius of the consulting world. Season 1 tells about so-called House of Lies where he with his team advises other companies to develop and improve their financial prosperity. They receive quite good fees for this work. House of Lies employees are on the road most of the working week. They work in the office for a maximum of one day. The work is above all for Kaan and his wards. Moreover, they are ready to step over any moral principles and even the law, if only the deal will take place... Lies to them is a normal workflow!


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