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Humans season 1 poster AMC channel

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Original Title: Humans

Country: UK, USA, Sweden | Channel 4, AMC

Genres : ,

Cast: Gemma Chan, Katherine Parkinson, Lucy Carless, Tom Goodman-Hill, Ivanno Jeremiah, Theo Stevenson, Pixie Davies, Colin Morgan, Emily Berrington, Hannah Flynn, Phil Dunster, Ukweli Roach, Will Payne, Staz Nair, Philip Barantini

Awards : 4 nominations

TV show Humans is a sci-fi drama which is broadcast on American AMC tv channel. Gemma Chan plays the main role.
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Humans Season 3

Humans season 3 poster Channel 4 and AMC channel The world of Humans was on the brink of revolution in the season 3 that could lead to both chaos and harmony. This sci-fi drama has been showing since the first episode a world in which humanity uses high technologies to the maximum and tries to coexist with machines. It seems that this coexistence will move to a new level in the next chapter. The season 2 of "Humans" ended in an unexpected turn of the plot: all Synths became conscious. The events of the new series will unfold one year later. A population of robots oppressed and exterminated by humanity will fight for their existence in a world where they are hated and feared. The situation will worsen despite all attempts to maintain a delicate balance. Moreover,a split in the Synth community will endanger this illusory stability. Disagreements will acquire not only a global but also a local character: Hawkinses’ opinions about intelligent machines will be divided after all the tragic events. The 3rd season will present a new world to the audience, and there will be no peace in this world: the struggle for Synth’s rights is just beginning in the upcoming episodes of Humans tv series.

Humans Season 2

Humans season 2 poster AMC channel Humans season 2 continues to talk about a world where on a par with human beings live externally virtually indistinguishable from them robots who have highly developed intellect. At the end of last season, the consciousness code has been created. It allows Synths to become to be more emotional and free in their choice. The new season begins several months after the finale of season 1. Niska is in Germany, and Leo, Max and Mia are in the UK. They are fugitives and are trying to adapt to life. But they didn't just find a job and introduced into human society, but also to begin a romantic relationship, which jeopardize their secret. In the meantime, AI scientist Athena Morrow starts creating conscious Synths for the mass market commissioned by Milo Khoury, a billionaire tech entrepreneur from company Qualia.

Humans Season 1

Humans season 1 poster AMC channel British-American TV series “Humans” tells a story about new-generation gadgets. The creators of the series promised to frighten the viewers with dreadful consequences of robotization. In “Humans” will be introduced to high tech robotic servants who look just like humans externally. TV show begins when an ordinary family purchases one of these must-have gadgets, or synths. The robot is supposed to make life easier for the Hawkins family but instead it creates more trouble than good, especially when their little daughter Sophie calls her “Anita” which is the name of her moved-away friend. Another character of the series Leo is in hiding with his synth called Max which is suspected to be “something much more special” for its non-typical behavior. Meanwhile, George’s outdated synth is also causing some trouble…


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