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Mistresses season 1 poster ABC channel

Original Title: Mistresses

Country: USA, ABC

Genres : ,

Cast: Yunjin Kim, Rochelle Aytes, Jes Macallan, Brett Tucker, Rob Mayes, Corinne Massiah, Ed Quinn, Jerry O'Connell, Tia Mowry, Navid Negahban, Micky Shiloah, Ian Harvie, Ella Thomas, David Sutcliffe, Wilson Cruz

TV show Mistresses is a romantic drama created by K.J. Steinberg which is broadcast on American ABC tv channel. Y.Kim, R.Aytes, J.Macallan play the main role.
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Mistresses Season 4

Mistresses poster season 4 ABC channel Mistresses season 4 continues the exciting and provocative drama series about a group of 4 successful women each of which paves her own way to happiness. The four friends support each other while they are all going through a maelstrom of scandals, betrayal, and passion of the complicated relationships. New season picks up one year after the fateful night of Wilson’s murder with Josslyn giving testimony in court. Marc is having trouble getting a job while April is concerned that her daughter Lucy is becoming a grownup too soon. Meanwhile, Karen is trying to get used to her new male babysitter who seems to be quite into her. At the same time, Joss and Harry make a step forward in their relationship but Joss’ past would let it go so smoothly…

Mistresses Season 3

Mistresses season 3 poster ABC channel Mistresses season 3 opens up with Joss spending time with Harry on the beach. Suddenly, he gets a phone call from Karen with some bad news and leaves Harry to join Scott at the hospital. Meanwhile, there have been no news from Savi. Joss thinks that she might have seen her and Harry together. April invites some relatives over to introduce them to each other. Karen receives her test results. In the new season a new woman is going to join the scene: her name is Calista Raines and she is a passionate luxury fashion designer. Some new friendships are going to be forged while relationships are about to be further complicated…

Mistresses Season 2

Mistresses season 2 poster ABC channel Mistresses season 2 keeps following four girlfriends who find themselves in the middle of complicated and dangerous relationships. April is a widow and mother of two children who has been working hard to get her life back on track. In the new season’s premiere Mickey comes back and pushes her to make some changes in life. Josslyn, the youngest one of the four, never enters serious relationships and embarks on a new job as a party planner in the new season. Karen is a psychiatrist who has to deal with the consequences of her affair with a recently deceased patient. Savannah, Josslyn’s older sister, is a lawyer who is torn between her husband and colleague. Having cheated death, she starts to take most out of her second chance…

Mistresses Season 1

Mistresses season 1 poster ABC channel Based on the UK drama series, “Mistresses” follows four sexy women who are ready to take what they deserve. Savannah Davis is a beautiful happily married woman as well as successful lawyer. One day Savi finds out that her husband is not able have children but she finds a solution to the problem even though the stakes are high. Karen Kim is a therapist who has been working with a patient with cancer for a while and is working hard to control her emotions. April Malloy is a single mother who manages a store left by her deceased husband. It’s been several years since the tragedy happened but she still can’t start seeing other men. Josslyn Carver is Savannah’s younger sister who is single and is not rushing o burden herself with relationships…


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