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Nashville season 1 poster ABC channel

Original Title: Nashville

Country: USA, CMT

Genres : , , Romance

Cast: Lennon Stella, Hayden Panettiere, Charles Esten, Jonathan Jackson, Maisy Stella, Sam Palladio, Chris Carmack

Awards : Nominated for 3 Golden Globes. Another 3 wins & 34 nominations.

TV show Nashville is a music drama created by Callie Khouri which is broadcast on American ABC tv channel.
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Nashville Season 6

Nashville season 6 poster CMT channel The music, drama series "Nashville" according to the creators’ plan, was to close after the season 4 on ABC channel. But later the decision was changed and here we are waiting for a new season 6, which will be the final one, on CMT. The previous season 5 ended very ambiguously: Maddie (Lennon Stella) and Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) conflicted terribly, and the rest of the characters have a number of problems. It seems that the drama continues. All the main heroes Maddie, Deacon (Charles Esten), Avery (Jonathan Jackson), and Daphne (Maisy Stella) continue to play in love, overuse friendship, try to find mutual understanding with the family and, of course, strive for success, self-realization and fame. A distinctive feature is that all events occur against the background of country music in the specific Nashville city. We also see that Gunnar (Sam Palladio) and Will (Chris Carmack) slightly correct the style in the upcoming episodes. Moreover, Juliette is waiting for new difficulties on the way to success in the new series of Nashville season 6.

Nashville Season 5

Nashville season 5 poster CMT channel Two country music divas are back in Nashville season 5. Their ambitions are still high, but personal problems don't decrease. Rayna is working on a new single. With Deacon they want to write their own story. The life of Juliet is not stable. Ups and downs are changing each other very often. She's trying to find her way. In the new season, her private jet is close to disaster. News about Juliet shocked the entire city. A wave of emotion makes Rayna go on a journey. The drama, the dreams, the passion have a home in Nashville...

Nashville Season 4

Nashville season 4 poster ABC channel Nashville season 4 keeps telling the story of country musicians from Nashville, TN. The action in new season begins one month after the events in season 3. Deacon stays alive while Beverly lapses into a coma because of aneurism. Meanwhile, things are going well for Juliette who is preparing to release a new album and whose another movie becomes a box-office hit. Avery left for his parents in Ohio. He really misses Juliette but she ignores his messages. Rayna officially kicks Juliette out of Highway 65. Jeff keeps tricking her to get more money. Kevin tries to drag Will out for a walk but he is not ready to appear in public. Season 4 is going to surprise “Nashville” fans with the appearance of a rock star Steven Tyler singing his famous hit “Crazy”. The series is mostly filmed in Tennessee and thus receives about 10 million dollars of financial incentives from the state.

Nashville Season 3

Nashville season 3 poster ABC channel In the beginning of Nashville season 3 Rayna Jaymes faces a tough choice: it’s not just a choice between two men but also between two different life directions. Meanwhile, Juliette does her best to make up with Avery and tries out for the leading part in a movie. Scarlett decides to start from scratch and on the way home sticks with an unexpected stowaway. At the same time, Layla and Will deal with the consequences of his confession. In the new episodes Will’s debut will push Rayna down in the rating making Rayna even more determined to fight back with her new record. Rayna also chooses a different strategy to gain her popularity back and visits “Good Morning America” show. Juliette receives some life-changing news. The producers of the series aimed to show real Nashville streets from the very beginning. One of the places in the series called “Bluebird café” is in fact an accurate copy of the real “Bluebird cafe” in Nashville. Ever since the beginning of the show Nashville citizens think that the series of the same name attracts attention to their city. Moreover, some of the show stars even consider buying houses for their families in the city of country music.

Nashville Season 2

Nashville season 2 poster ABC channel Nashville season 2 continues the story of the city which is considered to be the capital of American country music. It gives us a sneak peak at what’s happening inside country music industry and follows the struggle between Rayna Jaymes, a tycoon’s superstar daughter and young ambitious singer Juliette Barnes. New season picks up where season 1 left off: Rayna and Deacon get into a car accident; Juliette’s mother dies protecting her daughter’s reputation which helps Juliette become the best country singer of the year. Deacon is having a hard time recovering from an arm fracture and realizes that he won’t be able to play the same way he used to and refuses to take painkillers. Rayna tries to create her own label and find talented young performers. But this time she has to fight harder as the studio’s new director seems to only care about income. Juliette can’t wait to go back on the tour as she has to sell her new single. Since the new management doesn’t really helps her promotion, he has to act on her own … Meanwhile, Teddy Conrad tries to be an self-relied mayor and stay independent from Lamar Wyatt’s actions and wishes who is ready to declare war on his former son-in-law...

Nashville Season 1

Nashville season 1 poster ABC channel TV series "Nashville" follows a legendary country singer Rayna Jaymes. Rayna has made it to the top of numerous charts and tasted real success in her long music career. But lately she seems to be losing her popularity. There aren’t as many coming to her concerts as there used to come. The recording studio thinks that the only thing that could save Rayna’s career is a tour with a young singer named Juliette Barnes. She would never lose a chance to seize such an opportunity as her biggest dream since childhood is to become as successful as Rayna once have. Of course, Rayna is not very keen on sharing a stage with some unskillful girl. Instead she wants to have several songs written by a talented composer in order to make a hit. Another fierce battle is stirring up along with backroom wrangling: Rayna’s father Lamar Wyatt is taking part in a local election campaign. It’s curious that the script writer of the series Kelly Khouri actually lived in Nashville for five years. According to her, so far none of the released series has been able to convey the real atmosphere and the history of the city: most of them portray it as a village full of frauds and alcoholics. But in her screenplay Kelly attempts to present Nashville as a cosmopolitan and rather modern city.


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