New Girl

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New Girl season 1 poster FOX channel

Original Title: New Girl

Country: USA, FOX

Genres :

Cast: Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Hannah Simone, Lamorne Morris, Nasim Pedrad, Gillian Vigman, Rob Reiner

Awards : Nominated for 5 Golden Globes. Another 11 wins & 69 nominations.

TV show New Girl is a comedy created by Elizabeth Meriwether which is broadcast on American FOX tv channel. Zooey Deschanel plays the main role.
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New Girl Season 7

New Girl season 7 poster FOX channel Jess and her neighbors continue to fall into various funny situations, quarrel, put up, gather and part, help each other in different problems and seek their love. There are completely new adventures of favorite heroes and Jess's tricks in New Girl season 7! We will plunge again into the complexity of the relationship between a group of young people, as in all seasons of this sitcom. Cheerful and optimistic Jessica, who became the school's director to the final 7th season, continues to amuse by her antics. She is trying to find her true love, but something gets in her way all the time. She lives in an apartment with three guys, and this fact, first of all, can alienate even the most serious-minded suitor. The girl does not despair and dreams to meet a strong love, as her friend Cece. Her friend managed to play a wedding with one of the tenants - Schmidt. The couple also have new problems associated with building a strong family and everyday difficulties. We have to find out if they will cope with everything together or how life can destroy a strong marriage in the upcoming episodes of New Girl.

New Girl Season 6

New Girl season 6 poster FOX channel New Girl season 6 continues to talk about Jess and her friends. They still don't want to grow up and become more responsible. Nevertheless, Schmidt and Cece decided to go to the next level - they have become the married couple. But no one knows whether their lives will change? New season begins 3 months after the season 5 finale. At the beginning of the season 6, Cece and Schmidt faced with the first joint household problems - they are looking for a house. At this time, Jess tries to avoid Nick. She's afraid to show her feelings to him. But this can't last long, and they are facing. But Nick had fun with Reagan, and it is possible that she will come back into his life ...

New Girl Season 5

New Girl season 5 poster FOX channel In New Girl season 5 Jess is planning to hold an engagement for Schmidt and Cece. She wants to surprise Cecilia, organizing a meeting with her mother. Nick and Schmidt began a joint business - they became equal partners in the possession of the bar, but Schmidt's tough character could be a problem. Nick flirt with Reagan, their new attractive neighbor. Schmidt discovers that Cecilia and Reagan had a sexual relationship a few years ago. Nick almost all his time is trying to be helpful Reagan. Bishop helps Reagan to break with her latest lover. Jess and Sam start dating again.

New Girl Season 4

New Girl season 4 poster FOX channel New Girl season 4 begins when friends attends summer wedding. Jess comes into conflict with a girl named Kat for the Ted attention. Schmidt offers Nick a joint sex with 2 beauties. Coach has difficulty trying to find a girl for one night. Cece appears at the wedding with the news that she and Buster are no longer together. Jess uses the app for dating. Schmidt is trying to help Jessica and arranges 10 dates for her by which she must learn to recognize the men and find the best option for herself. After some time, Jess' father presents surprise - he arrived with his new girlfriend, who is her classmate.

New Girl Season 3

New Girl season 3 poster FOX channel New Girl season 3 begins with the consequences of the previous season events: Jess and Nick's romantic relationship and Cece wedding. Nick and Jess celebrate the first month together. Schmidt tries to choose between Cece and Elizabeth. As a result, he starts to date with both of them simultaneously. Nick finds out about this and can't keep the news in secret. As expected, Schmidt loses both girlfriends. Cece starts spending a lot of time at parties to forget the break with Schmidt. Coach reappears in the life of guys. He invites Cecilia on a date and thereby causes Schmidt's jealousy. Jess tries to make friends with the Coach, but realizes that may spoil its relations with Nick, who is a fan of the Chicago Bulls.

New Girl Season 2

New Girl season 2 poster FOX channel As before, everything is difficult in Jess' life in New Girl season 2. She lost her job. Many interviews end in failure and Jess starts to panic because of the lack of work. Friends support her and help in the search. She meets a nice guy named Sam at the bar. Sam confuses Jess with the girl, whom he met on a dating website. Young people liked each other. It seemed that her personal life has gone smoothly. But the problems in the relationship with Sam started very soon. In desperation, Jess finds a job in a roadside diner. However, she lacks the earned money even to pay the rent. In addition to the failure of the work and personal life, Jess and her friends on a daily basis fall into ambiguous and funny situations.

New Girl Season 1

New Girl season 1 poster FOX channel TV series "New Girl" tells the story about a young teacher by the name of Jessica Day. She lost the roof over head and haven't yet had time to recover from a breakup with her boyfriend. Jess came to the negotiations on the settlement of the apartment to the three guys (Nick, Schmidt and Coach), whose she found on the ad. The guys are surprised that she is considering housing among boys. In their view, such a nice girl should have the beautiful female friends of the model appearance. This was the main argument for a positive decision. Now Jess will have to adjust to a new life in the men's team. The guys also have little experience in relations with girls. After some time, the situation is complicated by the return of a former neighbor, Winston Bishop, who wants to return his room.


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