Once Upon a Time

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Once Upon a Time season 1 poster ABC channel

Original Title: Once Upon A Time

Country: USA, ABC

Genres : , ,

Cast: Lana Parrilla, Robert Carlyle, Colin O'Donoghue, Alison Fernandez, Andrew J. West, Dania Ramirez, Gabrielle Anwar

Awards : Nominated for 6 Primetime Emmys. Another 10 wins & 66 nominations.

TV show Once Upon a Time is a adventure fantasy created by A.Horowitz and E.Kitsis which is broadcast on American ABC tv channel.
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Once Upon A Time Season 7

Once Upon a Time season 7 poster ABC channel TV series Once Upon A Time got a new life with a new season 7 on the ABC channel. Now TV show Once Upon A Time season 7 will follow the adult Henry Mills. Once his 10-year-old daughter Lucy will be on his doorstep. The situation is similar to the meeting of Emma and Henry himself. A greatest evil will again visit to the Fairy Tale Land and its inhabitants in a new season. Therefore, Henry and Lucy will fulfill a new very important mission to save the two worlds. And our old well-known heroes charismatic Rumplestiltskin, the Evil but very brave queen Regina and the unpredictable captain Hook have to reunite their forces to help Henry and his little Lucy. The main characters should once again bring hope to both the fairy-tale world and the real world. Both new and old fantastic characters will face the problems and benefits of true love, will experience exciting adventures and again will stand the re-choice of the good side of or evil one. As a result, the ordinary well-known fairy tales become more and more intricate and reinterpreted in the new episodes of season 7 Once Upon A Time.

Once Upon a Time Season 6

Once Upon a Time season 6 poster ABC channel Once Upon a Time season 6 continues to tell about the town of Storybrooke and its inhabitants. Regina tries to deal with her second half - the Evil Queen. But evil reigns once more and the Queen is back. Now, Regina and Queen divided. The separation for each of them has its own negative effects. In addition, Mr. Hyde, along with Land of Untold Stories' inhabitants, is a serious threat to the town. New characters such as Aladdin, Jafar, Princess Jasmine, the Count of Monte Cristo and Morpheus will appear in the new season. The struggle between good and evil has just begun ...

Once Upon a Time Season 5

Once Upon a Time season 5 poster ABC channel In the beginning of Once Upon a Time season 5 Emma remembers how back in 1989 she went to a movie theater in Minneapolis and the doorkeeper addressed her by name. He warned her that if she did something that she was not supposed to do, something really bad could happen. He said that one day she would have a chance to pull out the legendary Excalibur sword from the stone but she shouldn’t do that. Back in the present day Emma is taken away by the dark forces and the Storybrooke citizens try to find a way to get her back. It unexpectedly turns out that a witch named Zelena could help them with that. But the witch has her own plans. Meanwhile, Emma is chasing Merlin under the influence of an evil spell. Along the way she becomes friends with Merida from “Brave”. Emma is led by the ghost of Rumplestiltskin who wants to entice her to the dark side completely. Thus, in season 5 Emma’s friends will try to find Merlin the Magician in order to save their Emma Swan from the influence of an ancient spell which made her join the dark side. And if they fail, Emma’s new power will destroy the entire magic world.

Once Upon a Time Season 4

Once Upon a Time season 4 poster ABC channel Once Upon a Time season 4 consists of two blocks of episodes: 12 fall episodes featuring “Frozen” characters and 11 spring episodes starring Maleficent, Cruella de Vill and Ursula. Elsa travels from Arendelle to Storybrooke. Fearing citizens’ reaction, she creates a snow monster to protect herself. Meanwhile, back in Ardendelle everybody is getting ready for her sister Anna’s wedding. Anna finds out that her parents who died in a shipwreck were headed for a magical country which has some kind of connection to Elsa’s uncontrolled abilities. Due to Emma’s efforts, Robin Hood’s wife Marian returns making Regina run away from the town. Meanwhile, Mr. Gold and Belle are enjoying their honeymoon which gets darkened by Gold’s thoughts about his magic dagger. Elsa scared Emma and they both find themselves in an ice trap which threatens Emma’s life. Moreover, Elsa is responsible for Strybrooke’s power supply breakdown and the town’s new mayor Mary Margaret has to find a way to fix it. She faces some problems when she has to find balance between her responsibilities as a mayor and as a mother.

Once Upon a Time Season 3

Once Upon a Time season 3 poster ABC channel “Once Upon a Time” is a TV series where fairy tale is tightly intertwined with the real world. Sometimes it’s even difficult to see the edge between fiction and reality. Emma is a young woman with a very realistic attitude. When she was much younger she committed an act of folly which she still regrets doing and which catches up with her ten years later in person of a 10-year-old boy who suddenly appears on her threshold. The boy’s name is Henry and he claims to be her son. Henry lives in a town called Storybrooke which in reality is an enchanted magic kingdom. But its inhabitants forgot about their true origin because of the spell. The person responsible for this is Henry’s stepmother, an insidious queen and official mayor of Storybrooke. In Once Upon a Time season 3 Emma and her faithful allies set out to save Henry in the Neverland. But the place turns out to be a far darker place than it is described in the stories about Peter Pan. But what does Peter Pan want from Henry? Will Emma and her allies be able to put their disagreements aside and work together? Some new characters will join the adventure in new season, but we will also learn something new about the familiar ones.

Once Upon a Time Season 2

Once Upon a Time season 2 poster ABC channel Once Upon a Time season 2 continues the story of Emma Swan, the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, who arrives in Storybrooke – a town inhabited by fairy-tale characters. The events of new season begin after the main characters manage to break the spell cast by the Evil Queen making all Strybrooke inhabitants start to remember their life in the Enchanted Forest. Now real and fairy-tale worlds begin to blend with each other. However, the magic characters aren’t able to come back home. In the new episodes Emma Swan will try to find the way out of the Enchanted Forest back to Strybrooke together with Mary Margaret in order to return to her own world. Meanwhile, dark forces reigning in the magical world do everything to stop her. But the girl has got faithful allies: Aurora, Mulan and Lancelot. In order to come back home, Emma needs to find the giant’s magic compass. She has to go on a risky adventure up the beanstalk accompanied by Captain Hook, a very doubtful alley.

Once Upon a Time Season 1

Once Upon a Time season 1 poster ABC channel “Once Upon a Time” is an American fantasy series created by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitis famous for their work on “Lost”. The story follows Emma Swan who lives in Boston and makes a living by chasing incorrigible debtors and alimony defaulters. The girl never saw her parents; she has no family or friends and celebrates her 28th birthday all by herself. But as soon as she blows the candle on her birthday cake, someone rings the doorbell. Emma opens the door and finds a 10-year-old boy standing on her threshold claiming that his name is Henry and he is her son. In fact, when Emma was very young she had a baby but since she had no money to raise the child she had to give him to another family under condition that she never sees him again. The boy says that he came for Emma because she is the only person who could help him and the people living in his town. The pilot episode got 13 million views reaching the highest rating among all debut TV drama series of the season. Moreover, “Once Upon a Time” is considered to be the most successful TV series of the past five years.


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