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Outcast season 1 poster Cinemax channel

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Original Title: Outcast

Country: USA, Fox, Cinemax

Genres : ,

Cast: Patrick Fugit, Callie Brook McClincy, Madeleine McGraw, Philip Glenister, Reg E. Cathey, Melinda McGraw, Pete Burris, Claire Bronson

Awards : 3 nominations.

Seasons count: 2

Outcast tv series is a drama horror created by R.Kirkman which is broadcast on American FOX and Cinemax tv channels. Patrick Fugit plays the main role.
You will not be bored surely while watching this horror series, because the creators have made a lot of efforts to make it very interesting and exciting. That’s why, absolutely every viewer should download and watch all seasons of this tv series.

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  • This page contains direct links to get tv episodes of all seasons.
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This popular FOX tv series (season 1, 2) are available downloading at list of Outcast episodes below.

This tv series is closed after two seasons!

Outcast Season 2 download

Outcast season 2 poster FOX channel Outcast is a supernatural dramatic horror TV show from the Cinemax channel. This is a screen version of the new comic book by Robert Kirkma, who is also the creator of The Walking Dead. The main theme of the season 1 Outcast series is exorcism. Later the tv series expands the theme and the first season ends in a very intriguing place. When Kyle Barnes, Reverend Anderson and Chief Giles joined forces to cast out the demons, they learn the terrible truth about the coming Apocalypse in the season 2. Together, they will try to prevent the invasion of evil on Earth and to understand more the nature of our Outcast's gift in new episodes. However, the supernatural threat grows with every episode, and the evil forces are much stronger and more dangerous than Outcast imagined. Therefore, in the second season of the tv series Outcast, the struggle expands to the scales of the Rome, and later of the whole world.

Episodes: 10 of 10

Outcast Season 1 download

Outcast season 1 poster Cinemax channel Outcast is a horror TV show from The Walking Dead creators. Kyle Barnes searches for the explanation of his supernatural possession he’s suffered throughout his life not only emotionally, but also physically. Now Kyle with his exorcist, the reverend Anderson, goes on a trip to find some answers, trying to escape from his possession and begin to live normal life. However something Kyle opens up during this trip can change not only his life, but also the whole history of mankind. Trying to avoid being the cause of the end of the world, he decides to retire from the world and dissociate himself from everyone, even from those one he loves, unwilling to hurt them.

Episodes: 10 of 10


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