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Outsiders season 1 poster WGN America channel

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Original Title: Outsiders

Country: USA, WGN America

Genres :

Cast: David Morse, Joe Anderson, Gillian Alexy, Ryan Hurst, Kyle Gallner, Christina Jackson, Thomas M. Wright, Phyllis Somerville, Jason McCune, Mark Jeffrey Miller, Keith Michael Gregory, Johanna McGinley, Amanda Brooks

TV show Outsiders is a drama created by Peter Mattei which is broadcast on American WGN America tv channel.
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Outsiders Season 2

Outsiders season 2 poster WGN America channel The warring sides continue to stick to their positions in Outsiders season 2. Last season’s standoff between coal-mining developers and clan of the mountain people continues to have repercussions, escalating the conflict between the Farrells and the townspeople of Blackburg. It seems that the police retreated, but the locals are ready to fight with the clan. People are afraid that Farrells will come for them. The townspeople believe that they're animals, beasts. Therefore, they are united with one purpose - to destroy the Farrell clan. No one will give way in the fight for survival...

Outsiders Season 1

Outsiders season 1 poster WGN America channel The events of the TV series "Outsiders" take place in the fictional town of Blackburg, Kentucky, where the ancient clan struggles for power and territory in the Appalachian Mountains. The Farrell clan live a solitary life in the mountains, avoiding the society of the neighboring town residents. The quiet life of the family ended when metal processing company discovered numerous ore deposits on the mountain, where Farrells live. The war begins, which involved local authorities and civilians. At that time, Asa Farrell returned to the mountains after leaving the family for ten years. He served in the army, in order to understand what it is to live a normal life. Asa returned on the day when the leadership of the clan goes to Big Foster. Meanwhile, Deputy Sheriff Wade Houghton has to follow the process of Farrells' eviction. He doesn't like this work. Wade is suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction and post-traumatic stress syndrome because of his wife's death in a collision with the clan. Houghton warns the management of the company that the eviction will be bloody and cruel, and that Farrells don't take prisoners. They know perfectly well the mountains to withstand a long siege. Foster's mother Lady Ray, who gave him the power of the clan, cancels her decision. She's trying to unite a family.


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