Person of Interest

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Person of Interest season 1 poster CBS channel

Original Title: Person of Interest

Country: USA, CBS

Genres : , ,

Cast: Jim Caviezel, Kevin Chapman, Michael Emerson, Amy Acker, Sarah Shahi, Brett Cullen, Carrie Preston, Robert Manning Jr., Josh Close, Wrenn Schmidt, Annie Parisse, John Nolan, Julian Ovenden, James Le Gros, Enrico Colantoni, Oakes Fegley

Awards : Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy. Another 7 wins & 15 nominations.

TV show Person of Interest is a crime drama created by J.Nolan which is broadcast on American CBS tv channel. Jim Caviezel, Kevin Chapman and Michael Emerson play the main roles. This is one of the top rated tv series according IMDB rating.
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Person of Interest Season 5

Person of Interest season 5 poster CBS channel Person of Interest season 5 is a final season which continues the story of a computer genius named Harold Finch who has developed a special program by order of the government. The program or “Machine” is capable of discovering information tracing sources of terroristic attacks before they actually happen. Along with that, the Machine can differentiate information by two categories: more urgent and less urgent. However, Finch noticed that the data recognized as “irrelevant” often leads to other felonies. That’s why Finch engages a former CIA agent John Reese, who is considered to be dead and suggests that he helps him prevent an anticipated crime. Season 4 ended with Finch and Root rushing to save the Machine from their rival AI, Samaritan.

Person of Interest Season 4

Person of Interest season 4 poster CBS channel Person of Interest season 4 keeps following a wealthy computer genius Harold Finch, creator of the Machine which is programmed to predict SS numbers of both potential criminals and their victims. His partner, John Reese, is a former CIA agent and cooperates with Finch in his fight against crime. In the new season Root creates new identities for the team members and they are trying to get used to their new lives. The Machine gives out another number making things even more complicated. John will try to help a woman who got herself involved in a very dangerous game and Finch reluctantly agrees to help him in this venture. Meanwhile, Shaw’s new cover identity requires her to cooperate with a group of thieves. In the new episodes the team will follow the numbers of two children who happen to be intended targets for stealing half a million dollars from a gang called “Brotherhood”. Reese is familiar with this gang as he was responsible for one of their leader’s imprisonment…

Person of Interest Season 3

Person of Interest season 3 poster CBS channel Person of Interest season 3 begins with the Machine missing but still keeping in touch with Reese, Finch, their partner Sameen Shaw and hacker Root. Root is still taken care of at the mental health clinic and is not allowed to use any electronic devices. Carter has been demoted due to the shooting incident and is now coming up with her own plan. She hasn’t told anybody of her relation to a previous number. The Machine gives a new number. It belongs to a navy sailor named Jack Salazar. Reese feels sympathy for this man from the very beginning – Jack seems to be the man of principle who is ready to stand for his principles and protect his friends. The creator of the series Jonathan Nolan, is the younger brother of a famous movie director Christopher Nolan. The two brothers cooperated on screenplay writing for such movies as “Prestige” and “The Dark Knight”.

Person of Interest Season 2

Person of Interest season 2 poster CBS channel Person of Interest season 2 returns with new plot twists. At the end of the previous season, a former special squad soldier and CIA agent John Reese lost his boss and friend, an eccentric billionaire and computer genius Harold Finch. His crime-preventing Machine has malfunctioned. A talented hacker and hired assassin Root set the Machine in a way which would allow Finch to track her down and used the chance to kidnap him. Before long Reese finds out that Finch came up with plan B. Reese enlists Carter and Fusco’s help in order to find Finch. The Machine gives out a new number which Reese has to deal with on his own. In 1991 police department in Bishop, Texas, receives a message from a missing girl named Hanna Frey. Back in present day Reese meets with Carter and Fusco. Carter checks information about Hanna Frey and it turns out to be valid. Reese and Carter are headed for Bishop in order to figure everything out while Fusco stays in New York to find out who is sabotaging the investigation of Alicia Corwin’s murder.

Person of Interest Season 1

Person of Interest season 1 poster CBS channel TV series "Person of Interest" follows a former special squad soldier and CIA field agent named John Reese who is now unemployed and homeless. He wields all sorts of weapon, masters melee and possesses excellent shadowing skills. He had a tragedy in his past in which he lost the woman he loved. Reese receives an attractive offer from Harold Finch, a mysterious billionaire whom he knows nothing about since he leads a very unsociable lifestyle. After the 911 tragedy computer genius Finch developed a Machine which is capable of processing huge data array and find behavioral patterns pointing at the possibility of terroristic attack or murder. Moreover, the program provides social security numbers of those involved in the supposed crime – both victim and malefactor. The premiere of the series gathered more than 13 million viewers. In 2012 the series was Emmy nominated for “Outstanding Sound Editing” and won People’s Choice award as “Favorite New TV Series”.


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