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Ransom season 1 poster CBS channel

Original Title: Ransom

Country: Canada, France | CBS, Global TV

Genres : , ,

Cast: Luke Roberts, Sarah Greene, Brandon Jay McLaren, Nazneen Contractor, Emma de Caunes, Carlo Rota, Wayne Brett, Dempsey Bryk, Elinor Crawley, Ben Cura, Diana Dimitrovici, Lajos Jarabek, Robert B. Kennedy, Morgan Kohan

Awards : 1 nomination.

Seasons count: 3

Ransom tv series is American crime drama created by F.Spotnitz (“Medici: Masters of Florence“, “The Man in the High Castle“) and D.Vainola which is broadcast on CBS tv channel.
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Ransom Season 3 download

Ransom season 3 download free (all tv episodes in HD)

Release Date: February 16, 2019
The lives of many innocent people still depend on the actions of Beaumont’s team, so they have no margin for error. They leave for operations in different parts of the globe, and often emerge victorious from difficult situations. Each next episode, as in previous seasons, has its own storyline. But it also does not lose the logical flow of events related to the main plot.

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Episodes: 13 of 13 + Pack

Ransom Season 2 download

Ransom season 2 download free (all tv episodes in HD) CBS tv channel has renewed "Ransom" series for the season 2. The continuation, like the first season, has 13 episodes. One of the best professional negotiators in the world Eric Beaumont is in the center of the criminal-detective drama. He with his team, which includes a lawyer, a hacker and a doctor. They travel around the world, participating in the prevention of major crisis situations, where hostages figure or kidnappings occur. The narrative still evolve according to the scheme "one episode - one case". Thus, each episode tells about rescuing hostages around the world in Ransom season 2.

Episodes: 13 of 13 + Pack

Ransom Season 1 download

Ransom season 1 poster CBS channel When a hostage is taken - one team fights to keep them alive. TV series "Ransom" focuses on a highly qualified hostage negotiator Eric Beaumont. His team is the best in the process of negotiations to rescue the hostages. They can save lives in the most difficult situations. Eric is not a supporter of violence. He believes that there is always a way out. However, the ability to manipulate people often hinder Eric in his personal life. His relationship with loved ones often come to a standstill due to his professional qualities. Sometimes life is a negotiation...


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