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Rectify poster season 4 SundanceTV channel

Original Title: Rectify

Country: USA, SundanceTV

Genres :

Cast: Aden Young, Abigail Spencer, J. Smith-Cameron, Adelaide Clemens, J.D. Evermore, Michael O'Neill, Clayne Crawford, Luke Kirby, Bruce McKinnon, Jake Austin Walker, Johnny Ray Gill, Jayson Warner Smith, Sean Bridgers, Hal Holbrook, Stuart Greer

Awards : 1 win & 10 nominations.

TV show Rectify is a drama created by Ray McKinnon which is broadcast on American Sundance tv channel. Aden Young plays the main role.
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Rectify Season 4

Rectify season 3 poster SundanceTV channel Daniel Holden continues to fight for a return to normal life in Rectify season 3. The plea deal takes effect after the announcement of the judge. Her terms are very hard for Daniel - he's forced to leave his hometown within 30 days. But it is a guarantee that the new charges will not be brought forward. Meanwhile, Daniel learns from Teddy about the miscarriage of Tawney. He also says Daniel to stay away from his wife. Otherwise, Teddy is ready to present new charges against him. Tawney confesses to her therapist that she was relieved when found out about miscarriage ...

Rectify Season 3

Rectify season 2 key art SundanceTV channel Rectify season 2 begins with Daniel's unpleasant memories of the time spent in prison. Memories of the brutal behavior of the prisoners, including gang rape, follow him every day. Meanwhile, Daniel is still in coma after beating. His doctor decides that it's time to wake him. Sheriff Carl Daggett starts investigation into the beating of Daniel despite the fact that his partner is against it. He wants to interrogate the little boy, who is a witness to the incident. At that time Daniel comes out of the coma. The sheriff comes to him in order that he revealed the attacker's name...

Rectify Season 2

Rectify season 1 poster SundanceTV channel TV series "Rectify" tells the story about a man, who after many years in prison, had to re-learn how to live and build social ties in the ordinary world of free people. When Daniel Holden was still a teenager his fate changed. Once on charges of rape and murder of his girlfriend, he spent on death row for 19 years, Daniel returns home. His sentence canceled because of new DNA evidence. Now, he will return to the world he doesn't know, and this return can be as heavy as his stay in prison. Past haunts Daniel. The charge of murder has divided urban community. While he's trying to adapt to a new life, his return to his hometown once again revives the fears that some of the citizens feel to him. It would seem that family should be as a strength and protection for Daniel, but things have changed too much over the years. The younger sister has become a local beauty with a lot of fans, the elder brother got married. Parents also don't remain the same. Despite their sincere love for Daniel they have become almost strangers to him.

Rectify Season 1

Rectify poster season 4 SundanceTV channel The fourth and final season of the SundanceTV drama picks up after sweet, troubled Daniel, who may or may not be a murderer, is banished from Georgia and starts life anew in Tennessee. Daniel's banishment from Paulie is a forced measure, which is an integral part of a plea deal. Rectify season 4 begins a few months after Daniel left his hometown. Now, he tries again to start a new life with a clean slate in Nashville. But all his thoughts about his family. The life of his relatives continues in Georgia. It seems that he will never get rid of his past ...


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