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Safe season 1 poster Netflix channel

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Original Title: Safe

Country: UK | Netflix, Canal+

Genres :

Cast: Amanda Abbington, Hannah Arterton, Louis Greatorex, Michael C. Hall, Raj Paul, Freddie Thorp, Tyler Conti, Katy Carmichael, Darren Kemp

TV show Safe is a mysterious drama written by Harlan Coben which is broadcast on Netflix and France’s Canal+ tv channels. The director is Daniel O’Hara (“Victoria“, “Stan Lee’s Lucky Man“).
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Safe Season 1

Safe season 1 poster Netflix channel Safe season 1 combines mysterious disappearance and murder, adultery and other eerie secrets. The children's surgeon Tom (Michael C. Hall) who became a widower is in the center of the plot. Now he lives with his two teenage daughters in a closed community. At first glance this is an absolutely safe and the most secure place. Gradually, the life of the family is getting better. Tom has friends, and he decided that he is ready for a new relationship. However, unexpectedly, his eldest daughter disappears under mysterious circumstances. This case causes the main character to ask himself some difficult questions. Is their community safe? Can I trust my environment? Terrible secrets about the place he considered his home and his close people begin to open up as events unfold. He thought he knew them well, but in reality everything turned out the opposite. Will he be able to protect his children and himself from the dangers with which they faced in the upcoming episodes of Safe series?


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