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Scandal season 1 poster ABC channel

Original Title: Scandal

Country: USA, ABC

Genres : ,

Cast: Kerry Washington, Katie Lowes, Guillermo Díaz, Joshua Malina, Darby Stanchfield, Jeff Perry, Bellamy Young, Tony Goldwyn, Scott Foley, Joe Morton, George Newbern, Portia de Rossi, Zoe Perry, Chelsea Kurtz, David Warshofsky, Phoebe Neidhardt

Awards : Nominated for 1 Golden Globe. Another 26 wins & 53 nominations.

TV show Scandal is an American political thriller which is broadcasting on American ABC channel. The concept of the series belongs to the famous screenwriter Shonda Rhimes, who co-produced with Betsy Beers.
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Scandal Season 7

Scandal season 7 poster ABC channel Scandal season 7 is the final season of a dramatic TV series on ABC channel about a former employee of the US presidential staff named Olivia Pope. Now she is a successful and influential woman who owns Olivia Pope & Associates. Olivia and her team solve the problems of political and public figures which are capable of provoking a scandal. Olivia is completely given to work. As a result, she does not have time for her personal life. Moreover, all of her relations are failing. Season 7 of Scandal will lead us to the logical end of the story about Olivia Pope. She will finally find herself and will move on, leaving the past behind.

Scandal Season 6

Scandal season 6 poster ABC channel New political dramas are back in Scandal season 6. TV show continues to focus on Olivia Pope and her crisis management team that is capable of finding a way out of the most difficult situations on the political scene. The struggle for power in the White House is gaining momentum in the new season. Olivia Pope Associates also will not stand aside from the epicenter of the action. But who to them preferable as the vice-president? Jake Ballard or Cyrus Beene? The crazy battle is coming, and they don't stop...

Scandal Season 5

Scandal season 5 poster ABC channel Scandal season 5 follows Olivia Pope who runs a crisis management agency in Washington. At the same time, Olivia’s affair with President Fitz poses a real threat to his career. Olivia used to be there for him as a press aide but she decided to leave the White House on ethical grounds. But her close friend Abby Whelan stayed in the government service at Olivia’s position. Even though Fitz tried to break up with his wife Mellie, who became a U.S. senator, he never succeeded and thus tries to put an end to his affair with Olivia. Meanwhile, a new case makes Olivia, her genius IT specialist Huck and her assistant Quinn leave Washington D.C. which helps her drift apart from Fitz. At the same time, Abby finds unexpected support of a crisis management guru when the pictures of Fitz and Olivia together somehow leak into press…

Scandal Season 4

Scandal season 4 poster ABC channel In the beginning of Scandal season 4 Olivia returns to Washington after two months spent on an island near Zanzibar with Jake Ballard. She finds out that her absence has influenced her milieu. President Fitzgerald starts his second term in the office and is planning to make some positive changes in the country while Mellie Grant is struggling to deal with her son’s death. The main intrigue of the first half of season 4 is Jake’s arrest on charge of killing Jerry Grant. Rowan does everything to make everybody think that Jake is guilty. Olivia almost kills Rowan during their fight but he manages to escape. Olivia’s business is closed and so Abby, Huck and Quinn have to look for an alternative job. Abby gets a job as a press aide at the White House. Her former husband, who was appointed as a senator from Virginia, tries to humiliate her but Abby enlists Leo Bergen’s support to ruin her ex-husband’s company. Huck starts working at a household electronics store while his ex-wife doesn’t let him see his son.

Scandal Season 3

Scandal season 3 poster ABC channel Scandal season 3 continues the story of a former White House press aide Olivia Pope who now runs her own crisis management business. In season 2 Olivia managed to save her co-worker Quinn’s life who was accused of multiple murders. Moreover, it turned out that the president’s right-hand man Cyrus Been was the one who hired an assassin to kill Fitzgerald. In new season Cyrus loses control of the political situation after his electoral frauds are uncovered. Assistant U.S. Attorney David Rosen, a fierce opponent of Olivia’s methods, loses his position blaming it on “the gladiators”. Meanwhile, President Fitzgerald Thomas is having problems with alcohol after his life was attempted in the previous season. In 2013 “Scandal” was considered to be the most successful drama series after the first two seasons and it was decided to continue the show for several more seasons. In season 3 a well-known “Friends” star Lisa Kudrow will appear in the series portraying Congresswoman Josephine Marcus in several episodes. Among other guests of the show we will also see Paul Adelstein, Sally Pressman and Jack Coleman.

Scandal Season 2

Scandal season 2 poster ABC channel Scandal season 2 keeps following Olivia Pope – a confident and daring woman who used to work as press aide at the White House. Because of her affair with president Fitzgerald Thomas, whom she knew ever since he was a governor, Olivia had to quit and open her own business. Now she works on solving problems of rich and famous people with the help of her crisis management team. In season 2 Olivia’s team protects Quinn Perkins who is accused of murdering her boyfriend and six other people. The problem is that Quinn really threatened her boyfriend for cheating on her. That’s why when he and six other people were found dead, all evidence was pointing against her. Former Navy soldier Huck who has been trained to torment and kill the “traitors”, is training Quinn and discovers her dark side. In the new episodes Olivia’s relationship with the first lady of the United States Mellie Grant get more complicated. Moreover, Fitzgerald’s near-death experience will drastically change his outlook on life.

Scandal Season 1

Scandal season 1 poster ABC channel "Scandal" is an American drama series with Kerry Washington in the lead role. The series follows Olivia Pope, an unprincipled and fearless woman. She used to work as a PR aide for the White House but now she works as a crisis manager who solves wealthy people’s problems. She has to quit her job at the White House because of her affair with the president Fitzgerald Thomas which started way back when he was a governor. But when Fitzgerald became the president he started to pile on pressure on Olivia. The action of season 1 focuses on Olivia’s work and her relationship with the president. The situation gets complicated when Fitzgerald’s ex-lover Amanda Tanner becomes one of Olivia’s clients. Moreover, the president’s wife Mellie Grant also interferes with the situation knowing about her husband’s affair with Olivia. Kerry Washington became the first African American woman to play the lead part in American drama series. The series is based on the real stories of George Bush’s administration press aide Judy Smith. She also serves as the co-producer of the series. The screenplay was written by Shonda Rhymes (known for her work on “Private Practice” and “Grey’s Anatomy”).


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