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Scorpion key art season 3 CBS channel

Original Title: Scorpion

Country: USA, CBS

Genres : ,

Cast: Elyes Gabel, Robert Patrick, Katharine McPhee, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Jadyn Wong, Ari Stidham, Riley B. Smith, Josh Leonard, Dan Dratch, John Hartman, Anil Kumar, Tom Massmann

Awards : 5 nominations.

TV show Scorpion is a action drama created by N.Santora which is broadcast on American CBS tv channel. It is noteworthy that the plot is based on real events.
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Scorpion Season 4

Scorpion season 4 poster CBS channel TV show Scorpion season 4 on the CBS channel continues to follow a group of geeks who execute tasks of the national security agency. We noticed that the star team of geniuses called Scorpion has a unique ability to find trouble almost out of nowhere for all seasons of TV series. They like small children get into unexpected and catastrophic situations despite of total team’s IQ in more than 700 points. And then they counterbalance the circumstances overcoming the severe consequences. And guys come out victorious from the created disastrous scheme by applying unique mental faculties. So, the team Scorpion will have to cooperate with Mark Collins again in the new season, in order to prevent the death of all mankind. And hard work will be diluted with amusing incidents due to the development of relations between Walter and Paige. Thus, the activities of the team will become even more dangerous, but at the same time it is more interesting in the new episodes of season 4 of Scorpion series.

Scorpion Season 3

Scorpion season 2 poster CBS channel Geniuses are come back in Scorpion season 2. Changes in the leadership took place at the U.S. Homeland Security. Now, Adriana Molina is the new director. A great responsibility rests on her shoulders from the first day - Southern California is at risk of explosion of the Russian atomic bomb, which is approaching from space. Scorpion team starts the operation to rescue the country. Meanwhile, Walter is not yet fully physically recovered from his injury after last year's car accident. In addition, his hidden feelings for Paige prevents him to concentrate on work...

Scorpion Season 2

Scorpion season 1 poster CBS channel Scorpion is an action, drama TV show from the director of “Fast and furious”. “Scorpion” is based on the real story. The story of Walter O`Brien, who was genius, who has impressive IQ, 197; just imagine, it`s the fourth worlds’ highest IQ, which has ever been rated! FBI gave him the codename Scorpion, when he hacked NASA in his eleven. The series tells about adult Walter; he gathers the special group of genius. The team is composed of three genius individuals, except Walter: Sylvester is an outstanding mathematician; Toby is an incredible behaviorist and Happy is brilliant mechanic. There is also Paige, who is usual person. She helps them to understand the world, while they are trying to understand her little son, who is also genius. NSA asked him and his extraordinary team to troubleshoot the knottiest issues not only in the USA, but also throughout the world. They will face with threats only such gifted team can manage.

Scorpion Season 1

Scorpion key art season 3 CBS channel The ultimate brain trust is back in Scorpion season 3. Last season, Team Scorpion defused the threat that emanated from their former member Mark Collins. But the romantic relationship did not work in two pairs: Toby and Happy, Walter and Paige. In the new season, they have to forget personal and romantic troubles because at stake is the security of the country. Anonymous hackers took control of the strategically important military installations, that are equipped with the most modern weapons. Motives of the cyber criminals are still unknown, but they are able to direct a powerful weapon to any target, including their own city. Team Scorpion is forced to use all their skills and resources to prevent the threat. When the world's at stake smarter heads will prevail.


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