Shades of Blue

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Shades of Blue season 1 poster NBC channel

Original Title: Shades of Blue

Country: USA, NBC

Genres : ,

Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Gino Anthony Pesi, Leslie Silva, Vanessa Vander Pluym, Lynn Marocola, Amanda M. Rodriguez, Marquise Gary, Ade Otukoya, Victor Turpin, Blake Andrew Johnson, Jabari Gray, Nick Wechsler, Max Casella, Juani Feliz, Sage Kirwan, Elisha Lawson, Annie Pisapia, Andrew Stewart-Jones

Awards : 5 nominations.

TV show Shades of Blue is a crime drama created by Adi Hasak which is broadcast on American NBC tv channel. Jennifer Lopez plays the main role.
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Shades of Blue Season 3

Shades of Blue season 3 download (tv episodes 1, 2,...) Shades of Blue season 3 is the continuation of the criminal drama with Jennifer Lopez starring. Harlee no longer has the protection and support by Matt Wozniak in the season 3, consisting of 10 episodes. He was her boss and patron. Now a single mother, working in the police, should only rely on herself. She will have to deal with many demons who live in her soul and cope with the consequences of the drama. The creators announced in 2018 that the series will not be renewed for the fourth season. In their opinion, everything was said in the third part of Shades of Blue, and there is nothing to add to this. Jennifer Lopez said that she was leaving tv show with great warmth and love in her heart.

Shades of Blue Season 2

Shades Of Blue season 2 poster NBC channel Things remain tense between Detective Harlee Santos and Lieutenant Matt Wozniak, who agrees to work with the FBI in order to protect his crew of detectives in Shades of Blue season 2. They both have to play a double game. Harlee and Woz are still willing to work for the good of the Brooklyn's cops team and not to forget about their own interests. It always has been, but now the stakes are high as ever. Harlee is ready to cross the line for the sake of her daughter. Special FBI Agent Robert Stahl continues its mission, but personal feelings for Harley begin to prevail over the cold reason. Internal Affairs asked the detective Verco to conduct this case as well. Former colleague Julia Ayres appears in the life of Santos and Wozniak again. Their personal long-standing feud turns into a real war ...

Shades of Blue Season 1

Shades of Blue season 1 poster NBC channel TV series "Shades of Blue" focuses on police corruption. Detectives of the 64th Precinct in Brooklyn Harlee Santos and her new partner Michael Loman leave on an emergency call. Michael shoots drug dealing's suspect, thinking that he had a gun, although he was just playing a video game. Harlee fakes that the dealer first attacked Loman, not to be accused of murder. Detective Santos works in the team of Lieutenant Matt Wozniak and brings up 17-year-old daughter alone. Cristina's father Miguel Zepeda often beat Harlee. Now he's in prison for murder. Santos and other cops are involved in the disassembly of Brooklyn's gangsters and get money from them. Harlee spends money for Cristina, who's learning the music. The next meeting for the money transfer is a trap for Santos which prepared by FBI Special Agent Robert Stahl from the Anti-Corruption Task Force. In exchange for a promise not to put her in jail, he forces her to spy on Wozniak and record conversations with him. It turns out that Wozniak knows that the mole wound up on his team, and Harlee should find and kill him...


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