Star Wars Rebels

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Star Wars Rebels season 3 poster Disney XD channel

Original Title: Star Wars Rebels

Country: USA, Disney XD

Genres : , ,

Cast: Taylor Gray, Freddie Prinze Jr., Vanessa Marshall, Steve Blum, Tiya Sircar, Dee Bradley Baker, David Oyelowo, Forest Whitaker, Lars Mikkelsen, Warwick Davis

Awards : 5 wins & 21 nominations.

TV show Star Wars Rebels is a animation action created by S.Kinberg, C.Beck and D.Filoni which is broadcast on American Disney XD tv channel.
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Star Wars Rebels Season 4

Star Wars Rebels season 4 poster Disney XD channel TV show Star Wars Rebels season 4 is the final chapter of the top fantasy animated series on Disney XD channel. Exciting events unfold in Mandalore in episode 1 of season 4. The famous Ghost team, led by Ezra, will join the ranks of the rebels in the epic Star War. Because they have the same goal - to resist the Galactic Empire. Enemies want to use the new deadly weapon which was invented by Sabine. Ezra and his team again will encounter the forces of the Empire under the command of Grand Admiral Thrawn to protect the world from evil intentions. The epic story comes to an end, which means that we will watch a meeting of old friends and the creation of new coalitions, we will become the witnesses of grand wars and great victories in the new episodes of the final season 4 Star Wars Rebels TV series.

Star Wars Rebels Season 3

Star Wars Rebels season 2 poster Disney XD channel Star Wars Rebels season 2 continues to talk about the fearless crew of spaceship "Ghost". Space team has joined the major rebels unit. After that they started to fulfill new task. The mission began with the receipt of the call from the minister, who needed to escape in exchange for which she had promised to provide important data. Back on Lothal, the team discovers that they're in imperial trap. The planet was under siege by the Empire, and the Imperials attacked the rebels. On their way to freedom for the first time they met face to face with Darth Vader.

Star Wars Rebels Season 2

Star Wars Rebels season 1 poster Disney XD channel "Star Wars Rebels" tells about the events that take place between Episode III and Episode IV. Dark times began for the Galaxy. The Empire continues to growth it's power, taking over world after world. Imperial troops occupy a distant planet and install oppressive regime there. But the “Ghost” spaceship team is brave; they are ready to counter the Empire forces. They unite with the rebels and rescue Maketh Tua, which is politician on the run from Darth Vader and the Empire. Returning on the Lotal the team understands that their spaceship is in the trap of Sith and now imperial forces will hold the whole planet captive until they get Maketh Tua back.

Star Wars Rebels Season 1

Star Wars Rebels season 3 poster Disney XD channel Star Wars Rebels season 3 is a new chapter in the history of the adventures of Ghost crew. In the upcoming season, Sabina will wait for a meeting with the Mandalorians, Ezra Bridger will be tempted to become an apprentice of Darth Maul and Kanan Jarrus will get a chance to learn new secrets of the Force. Also, the new villain in the face of the Grand Admiral Thrawn will develop a cunning plan for the destruction of the rebels inside. In addition, the prehistory of Wedge Antilles will be known. He is the only rebel pilot who managed to survive the attack on both of the Death Star. The new season will delight fans of ground and space battles, dizzying chases, frantic shooting, light swords fights and most unexpected plot twists.


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