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Supermansion season 1 poster Crackle channel

Original Title: SuperMansion

Country: USA, Crackle

Genres : ,

Cast: Bryan Cranston, Keegan-Michael Key, Heidi Gardner, Tucker Gilmore, Zeb Wells, Jillian Bell, Tom Root, Chris Pine, Breckin Meyer

Awards : Nominated for 2 Primetime Emmys. Another 2 nominations.

TV show SuperMansion is a animation comedy created by Z.Wells and M.Senreich which is broadcast on American Crackle tv channel.
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SuperMansion Season 3

Supermansion season 3 poster Crackle channel TV show SuperMansion season 3 is the continuation of the animated comedy about superheroes on the Crackle TV channel. Many years ago, the clever and powerful Titanium Rex decided to protect his hometown from the numerous criminal elements that flooded the neighborhood. He created an organization for fighting evil, and invited other people with superpowers settling them all in a super mansion. The League of Freedom has become an obstacle for intruders dreaming of the wealth, power and enslavement of the common people. The team defended the inhabitants, paying off boundless respect and admiration to their heroes. However, time proved to be an insurmountable obstacle for superheroes. They grew old, losing their agility and ingenuity. Moreover, some of them have problems with the law now. In addition, a new dangerous villain named Groaner appeared in the city. That’s why our superheroes must prove to everyone that they are still able to defend Storm City, they are the team, and they are ready to stand for law and order in the upcoming episodes of season 3 SuperMansion.

SuperMansion Season 2

SuperMansion season 2 poster Crackle channel SuperMansion season 2 continues to talk about band of hapless superheroes. They are trying to fight for justice using their superpowers. Despite the fact that the world of technology and the progress made them irrelevant for the present society, the superheroes prove that they can be very useful. In the new season, the interstellar imp, Mr. Skibumpers threatens disruption of Christmas. They can't all be happy holidays. The team led by Titanium Rex ready to confront the villain and save the Christmas holidays ...

SuperMansion Season 1

Supermansion season 1 poster Crackle channel TV series "SuperMansion" tells the story about overage superheroes, who are trying to be relevant in today's world. The group of the superheroes called "the League of Freedom" was formed many years ago. There were six: Robobot, arrogant vigilante Black Saturn, American Ranger, pink man Brad, female cat Cooch, and their leader Titanium Rex. Team protects people from criminals for a long time. However, the years have passed. Superheroes have become old grumblers who live under the same roof. The government has decided to send them on vacation. But the mighty villain suddenly appeared in the city. Aged superheroes are ready to accept the challenge.


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