The Americans

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The Americans season 1 poster FX channel

Original Title: The Americans

Country: USA, FX

Genres : , ,

Cast: Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Keidrich Sellati, Holly Taylor, Lev Gorn, Aaron Roman Weiner, Amy Tribbey, Laurie Holden, Joseph Melendez, Alex Feldman, Konstantin Lavysh, Andy Taylor, Victor Slezak, Nikolai Tsankov, Margaret Reed

Awards : Nominated for 2 Golden Globes. Another 18 wins & 114 nominations.

TV show The Americans is a crime drama created by Joseph Weisberg which is broadcast on American FX tv channel. Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys play the main roles.
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The Americans Season 6

The Americans season 6 poster FX channel New events of The Americans season 6 are still unfolding in the 80s of last century. The main characters, as in previous seasons, are KGB agents Philip and Elizabeth Jennings live in USA under the guise of respectable American citizens. Jennings family will be on the move in a final season 6. Episode 1 jumps forward for three years, that is, in 1987, where Philip will quit espionage for corporate work, and exhausted Elizabeth takes up spying he threw. This time, she tries to infiltrate the State Department's special squad. In the meantime, Paige is already in college and decided to follow the professional path of her parents. On the other hand, Henry still does not know what's going on. In addition, The Cold War, begun by Gorbachev, will be completed. And, as a result, there is a split in KGB. Thus, this circumstance and imbalance of work will lead to a serious split in Jennings marriage in the upcoming episodes of The Americans.

The Americans Season 5

The Americans season 5 poster FX channel The Americans season 5 continues the story of 2 Russian KGB spies who posing as Americans. New chapter begins immediately after the events of the previous season. William Crandall infected with the virus himself after fell into the trap of federal agents. Arkady Zokov has only 48 hours to leave the country. This season is really they start as a unit and Elizabeth wants to protect that. But their family is in danger. They have to think what to do to survive and how to keep their family together. The delicate balance of dealing with a 16-year-old daughter and also an accomplished the vicious world is difficult for them. Page is being subtly recruited into the family business and that will be a big part of new season.

The Americans Season 4

The Americans season 4 poster FX channel The couple Soviet spies are going to cope with the consequences of their past deeds in The Americans season 4. There are a lot of questions to be answered in the new season, like what if the FBI learns the truth about Gene’s death or what will be Pastor’s reaction to the revelation of Philip and Elizabeth’s true identity. New challenges will rise in the new episodes as the spies are given a new task connected with extremely dangerous biological weapon. Meanwhile, tensions intensify in the Jennings’ family reaching the flashpoint when Paige reveals her secret too.

The Americans Season 3

The Americans season 3 poster FX channel The Americans season 3 keeps following Elizabeth and Philip, two KGB spies dispatched to the US. The new season takes place in 1983, the year when the USA started a war in Afghanistan. The relationships inside the spy family are getting tense as Philip and Elizabeth have opposite opinions on dealing with the new orders concerning their daughter Paige spy training. Philip is strongly opposed to the idea while in Elizabeth’s opinion it might be a good experience for the girl. The season opens with unexpected events which will bring the two spies to cooperate setting aside their differences. Meanwhile, Nina is getting used to the new living conditions back in Moscow.

The Americans Season 2

The Americans season 2 poster FX channel Still set in the US in the years of Cold War, The Americans season 2 continues to follow two Soviet spies Philip and Elizabeth, enlisted and infiltrated by KGB. Shortly after Elizabeth recovers from her injury, she and Philip head out for a new mission to meet other KGB spies which happens to fall on their son Henry’s 11th birthday. But they don’t yet realize how much they all are in danger. Meanwhile, Stan is deceived by another Soviet agent. New opportunities open for both Nina and Stan when a walk-in arrives at Rezidentura…

The Americans Season 1

The Americans season 1 poster FX channel “The Americans” tells the story of 2 KGB agents who were sent out to Washington suburbs in the guise of an upright married couple. TV show is set at the very height of the Cold War right after Ronald Reagan was elected as the US president. Philip Jennings is a former police officer bogged down by the same old daily routine. His work gave him no hope for growth or promotion until one day he found himself enlisted by KGB who found a way to exploit his skills very soon. Elizabeth Jennings is an ordinary girl, just like any other girl from her home town. She has no idea what could single her out from the crowd. However, the KGB agents who enlisted her were able to spot her outstanding ability to work in team. A combination of circumstances brought her to the same KGB department with Philip…


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