The Baby-Sitters Club

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The Baby-Sitters Club season 2 download (tv episodes 1, 2,...)

Original Title: The Baby-Sitters Club

Country: USA, Netflix

Genres :

Cast: Shay Rudolph, Malia Baker, Sophie Grace, Momona Tamada, Mark Feuerstein, Alicia Silverstone, Xochitl Gomez, Sophia Reid-Gantzert, Benjamin Goas, Rian McCririck

Awards : 8 wins & 9 nominations

Seasons count: 2

The Baby-Sitters Club tv series is an American family show directed by Lucia Aniello (“Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens“, “Broad City“) for Netflix TV channel.

You will not be bored surely while watching this family tv show, because the creators have made a lot of efforts to make it very interesting and exciting. That’s why, absolutely every viewer should download this tv series.

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The Baby-Sitters Club season 2 download

The Baby-Sitters Club season 2 download (tv episodes 1, 2,...)

Release Date: October 11, 2021
Continuation of the story of how 13-year-old schoolgirls open their own business and, in their free time, work as nannies. In this way, they not only help their parents cope with their babies, but they themselves earn money for their teenage needs. Season 2 begins where Season 1 ended. Will they have new friends or, on the contrary, will there be ill-wishers who are going to intrigue around Christie and her friends? Will the girls continue their business and earn extra money as nannies again? Or maybe young schoolgirls will find a new occupation to their liking?

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Episodes: 10 of 10 + Pack

The Baby-Sitters Club season 1 download

The Baby-Sitters Club season 1 download (tv episodes 1, 2,...)

Release Date: July 3, 2020
The story follows a group of girl teenagers who will decide to create a small baby-sitters club. The girls want to make some pocket money to be a little more independent from their parents. They are already mature enough to supervise children by themselves. To take such a responsibility is a brave act when you are only thirteen. Besides that, they lead an ordinary life of all teenagers. They hang out, attend school, try to find new hobbies, and have fun, as childhood is not yet over.

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Episodes: 10 of 10 + Pack


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