The Carmichael Show

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The Carmichael Show season 3 poster NBC channel

Original Title: The Carmichael Show

Country: USA, NBC

Genres :

Cast: Jerrod Carmichael, Amber Stevens West, LilRel Howery, Tiffany Haddish

Awards : 5 nominations.

TV show The Carmichael Show is a comedy created by Jerrod Carmichael, Willie Hunter, Ari Katcher and Nicholas Stoller which is broadcast on American NBC tv channel. Jerrod Carmichael plays the main role.
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The Carmichael Show Season 3

The Carmichael Show season 2 poster NBC channel The Carmichael Show season 2 is the continuation of the comedy TV series about stand-up comedian Jerrod Carmichael and his fictitious family. Cynthia Carmichael catches her best friend's husband on adultery at the beginning of season 2. She tells about it the whole family. Maxine confesses during the discussion of this issue that she was unfaithful to her ex-boyfriend. Young couple also does not reach an understanding, discussing whether they should have children. Bobby Carmichael is going to move into an apartment where he lived with Nekeisha earlier. Jerrod refuses to help his brother, because he believes that Bobby must to learn how to solve his problems. Cynthia Carmichael is depressed, because Joe started an account on Facebook and began to communicate with an old school girlfriend. Her wealthy father Grant appears at the Maxine’s graduation. As a result, the main characters of the TV series The Carmichael Show are in the center of the dispute about what children should their parents and whether it is possible to buy the love of offspring.

The Carmichael Show Season 2

The Carmichael Show season 1 poster NBC channel American comedy TV show "The Carmichael Show" tells about family and problems in the life of the famous comedian Jerrod Carmichael. Jerrod had long since found his second half in the face of the young beauty Maxine. The young couple accepts the decision to live together. And they are forced to turn into Jerrod’s house. There they have to withstand many tests of "wise" advices, intervention in their personal life and opposing the members of the family to each other. Jerrod’s mother Cynthia Carmichael is a religious woman who is disappointed with the deeds of her oldest son Bobby Carmichael. Because he became the souteneur. At the same time, Bobby is very satisfied with his profession. A young person likes a lot of money, a free schedule and an adrenalin. Jerrod And Maxine are torn between the opposite advice of a devout mother and a spoiled brother. In general, The Carmichael Show is the story of the typical American family with its eternal problems of mutual coexistence and survival in the extreme conditions of family “idyll”.

The Carmichael Show Season 1

The Carmichael Show season 3 poster NBC channel The plot of season 3 of the comedy TV series The Carmichael Show will again tell the audience about the stormy and cheerful life of the Carmichael family. All the family members are assembled again. Namely, Jerrod, his fiancee Maxine, the religious mother Cynthia, the talkative father Joe and the elder brother- souteneur Bobby. As in previous seasons, the Carmichael Family prepared some controversy in season 3! In the new episodes, Jarrod Carmichael and his "ordinary" American family again face with controversial political issues, questions of religious views and preferences, and again questions of gender identity and mental health will be raised. In addition, the new season of the TV show will reveal such actual topics as Bill Cosby scandal and, of course, Black Lives Matter.


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