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The Expanse season 5 download (tv episodes 1, 2,...)

Original Title: The Expanse

Country: USA, Canada | SyFy

Genres : , ,

Cast: Cas Anvar, Wes Chatham, Dominique Tipper, Steven Strait, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Shawn Doyle, Frankie Adams, Andrew Rotilio, Nick E. Tarabay, Terry Chen, François Chau, Elias Toufexis, Jonathan Whittaker, Anna Hopkins, Jaeden Noel, Curtis Caravaggio, Tyler Blake Smith, Morgan Kelly, Samora Smallwood

Awards : 3 wins & 20 nominations.

Seasons count: 5

The Expanse tv series is American sci-fi drama created by Naren Shankar (“Grimm“), Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby which was broadcast on Syfy until the third season and then on Amazon TV channel. Alcon Television Group controls the production process.
This mystery thriller is based on the eponymous books by James S.A. Corey, whose pseudonym is written by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. The authors themselves take a direct part in the tv adaptation of their works.

You will not be bored surely while watching this sci-fi series, because the creators have made a lot of efforts to make it very interesting and exciting. That’s why, absolutely every viewer should download and watch all seasons of this tv series.

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The Expanse Season 5 download

The Expanse season 5 download (tv episodes 1, 2,...)

Release Date: December 16, 2020
The upcoming season will bring a lot of interesting storylines. Amos (Wes Chatham) will travel to Earth to atone for the sins of the past. Naomi (Dominique Tipper) will try to save his son from the destructive influence of his father, and James (Steven Strait) will begin to study the history of the creation of the protomolecule. Meanwhile, Bobbie (Frankie Adams) and Alex (Cas Anvar) will go on the trail of a mysterious organization with connections to criminals and terrorists. And all this against the backdrop of a full-scale war for the sovereignty of the Asteroid Belt ...

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The Expanse Season 4 download

The Expanse season 4 download (tv episodes 1, 2,...)

Release Date: December 13, 2019
The new chapter in the space saga is based on the fourth novel of the book cycle by James Corey - “Cibola Burn”. At the start of the new season, the powers of the Earth, Mars and the Asteroid Belt will open many new planets and continue the great stellar Expanse. The crew of Rocinante will go to the mysterious planet Ilus-5, nicknamed New Terra ... The planet will be dotted with the ruins of an ancient civilization and rich in natural resources. It is not surprising that the authorities of the Earth, Mars and the Asteroid Belt will immediately join in the struggle for New Terra. The colonialists still do not suspect that the mysterious planet hides many secrets and dangers ...

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Episodes: 10 of 10 + Pack

The Expanse Season 3 download

The Expanse season 3 poster SyFy channel According to the executive producer Mark Fergus, season 1 is a representation of parties to conflict, 2nd part is a choice of the side, and a full-fledged war will begin in The Expanse season 3. The action of new episodes unfold immediately after events of the final of chapter 2, which turned out to be incredibly emotional and tense. Earth, Mars and Asteroid Belt are at war, and each side is trying to gain an advantage. It is important to uncover the secret of protomolecule in this situation, and any solution can jeopardize the survival of entire solar system. The fate of Galaxy will be in hands of the crew of Rocinante ship. Viewers will learn what consequences will be of an attempt on the life of Chrisjen Avasarala, how a dangerous mission to Venus will end and whether James Holden will forgive Naomi for having decided to give a sample of the protomolecule to Col. Frederick Lucius Johnson, in upcoming episodes... However, the heroes have to fight not only with enemies from outside, but also with their own demons in the new season 3 The Expanse.

Episodes: 13 of 13

The Expanse Season 2 download

The Expance season 2 poster Syfy channel 200 years from now, Earth has colonized mars... and the asteroid belt. But corruption, deception in justice still rule. Two worlds on the brink of war. A crew determined to stop it in The Expanse season 2. Global war between Earth and Mars may begin at any time. The level of tension and discontent already exceeds all acceptable norms. Miller and the crew of the Rocinante led by Holden have escaped Eros. They don't know where to go and who to trust. Meanwhile, bio-weapon continues to improve, and takes the shape of a human form...

Episodes: 13 of 13

The Expanse Season 1 download

The Expanse season 1 poster SyFy channel "The Expanse" is an American television series based on the fantasy book series. TV show action is set at a time when humanity has colonized the solar system successfully. An independent military government rules on Mars. Asteroid Belt became the only source of water and air for the planets. Every year tension between the territories is growing. As a result the whole system's on the brink of war. An experienced detective Joe Miller from Ceres starts the investigation of the delicate case - he must find a woman from a wealthy family who vanished in an unknown direction. At the same time, the Canterbury's crew which transporting ice from the rings of Saturn to the Belt stations, receives a distress signal. Asking for help can be a trap of space pirates, but perhaps it is strangely linked to the missing girl. If their lives intersect by fate, they will go on a journey that will change the course of history forever ...

Episodes: 10 of 10


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