The Hot Zone

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Original Title: The Hot Zone

Country: USA, National Geographic

Genres : , ,

Cast: Liam Cunningham, James D'Arcy, Noah Emmerich, Topher Grace, Paul James, Mark Kelly, Robert Sean Leonard, Julianna Margulies, Lenny Platt, Nick Searcy, Robert Wisdom, Aiden Glenn, Anna Pniowsky, Lauren Collins

Seasons count: 1

The Hot Zone tv series is a drama thriller which is broadcast on National Geographic tv channel. This story is based on real events that were described in the eponymous bestseller by journalist Richard Preston, in 1995. This is an action thriller that tells about the origin of the Ebola virus and its spread in the United States. One of the main characters in the project was played by the star of the medical drama “ER” and comedy “Dietland” Julianna Margulies.
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The Hot Zone season 1 download

The Hot Zone season 1 download free (all tv episodes in HD)

Release Date: May 27, 2019
The action takes place in the United States in the 1990s and in Africa in the 1970s, where, according to researchers, a deadly epidemic began. An extremely contagious, deadly virus from the tropical forests of Central Africa suddenly appears in the suburbs of Washington. It all started with the fact that a strange virus embraced monkeys brought from an exotic country and settled in the nursery in Reston. The veterinarian who examined them called Washington and the infected tissues were immediately sent for tests. It turned out to be Ebola. There is no vaccine for it and there have already been cases of human infection with the virus. A few days later, 90 percent of his victims died. A secret military group consisting of special forces, army and scientists mobilized to stop the outbreak of this exotic "hot" virus.

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