The Last Man on Earth

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The Last Man On Earth season 1 poster FOX channel

Original Title: The Last Man On Earth

Country: USA, FOX

Genres : , , ,

Cast: Will Forte, Kristen Schaal, January Jones, Mel Rodriguez, Cleopatra Coleman, Mary Steenburgen, Kenneth Choi, Keith L. Williams, Kristen Wiig, Laura Dern, Timothy V. Murphy, Andrew Morgado, Rayna Tharani

Awards : Nominated for 5 Primetime Emmys. Another 15 nominations.

TV show The Last Man on Earth is a comedy drama created by W.Forte which is broadcast on American FOX tv channel. Will Forte and Kristen Schaal plays the main role.
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The Last Man On Earth Season 4

The Last Man on Earth season 4 poster FOX channel The Last Man On Earth season 4 is the continuation of the popular fantastic comedy series on the Fox channel. The events of the TV series take place in the distant 2020, after the Earth survived the apocalypse. There is the last survivor on Earth - the main character Phil Tandy Miller. He does not lose hope of finding even one more person on the planet Earth during all seasons of The Last Man On Earth. First he finds the only surviving woman, then a few more people. We will continue to watch in the new season of TV show The Last Man On Earth how they establish an everyday life and try to live on. After all, the whole world remained the same, except for the almost complete absence of people.

The Last Man on Earth Season 3

The Last Man on Earth season 3 poster FOX channel The Last Man on Earth season 3 is still focused on the few surviving people who continue to forge a life in post-apocalyptic America. Their lives changed dramatically. They can take any things, clothes, food. They can enter any house, take the car. Money has no value. But time passes, and loneliness drives them crazy. At the beginning of the new season, a group led by Phil is in Malibu. Suddenly, they are faced with a threat to their own lives. Armed attackers try to storm the beach which is close to their home. The situation becomes very tense and no one knows what to do...

The Last Man on Earth Season 2

The Last Man On Earth season 2 poster FOX channel The Last Man on Earth season 2 begins when Phil and Carol decided to take a jeep and take a trip across the United States. Soon, Carol has already wants to go home, but Phil refuses, fearing the consequences of his actions. He accidentally forgets to Carol at a gas station and in search he returns to Tucson, thinking that she had gone home by herself. An unpleasant surprise waiting for him in the city - his house was destroyed. At this time, Phil's brother, astronaut Mike is looking for traces of other civilizations with the help of the space station's equipment to establish contact. He feels even more alone when another one of earth worms died. Phil uses the train to apply Carol signal that he's in Tucson. While waiting for his wife, he comes to her house and finds a note from Melissa, who invites Carol in Malibu, but asked not to take Phil, because it can be dangerous. When he shows the letter to Carol, she decides not to go without Phil. Arriving at the place, they notice that the new man appeared among old friends. His name is Gordon Vanderkruik...

The Last Man on Earth Season 1

The Last Man On Earth season 1 poster FOX channel Once in 2019 a deadly virus has wiped out the population of the planet, Phil Miller was the last man on earth. Phil spends the year traveling on the expanses of America in hopes of finding other survivors. He didn't find anyone, and returns to his hometown Tucson in Arizona. Phil suffers from loneliness, talking with balls, which he pasted on the portraits of friends. He doesn't know that his brother-astronaut have survived in orbit and sends a daily radio messages in Houston. Phil are ready to commit suicide, but suddenly he met an eccentric lady named Carol. Carol survived in Delaware, and saw one of the Phil's inscriptions. She decided to find him. First Phil happy to see her, but soon realizes that Carol is a terrible bore, who is fulfilling become meaningless rules and constantly is correcting his mistakes. Carol convinces him that they must be married in order to reproduce the Earth's population legally. Phil agrees to undergo the ritual, thinking that they are the last man and woman, and is imagining that Carol - luxury model. However, soon after that they get acquainted with the beautiful blonde Melissa and Phil starts to regret about his hasty marriage.


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