The Last Ship

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The Last Ship season 5 download (tv episodes 1, 2,...)

Original Title: The Last Ship

Country: USA, TNT

Genres : , ,

Cast: Bridget Regan, Eric Dane, Kevin Michael Martin, Emerson Brooks, Jodie Turner-Smith, Grace Kaufman, Travis Van Winkle, Bren Foster, Aidan Sussman, Troy Doherty, April Parker-Jones, Maurice Compte, Cindy Luna

Awards : 5 nominations.

Seasons count: 5

TV show The Last Ship is American action drama created by S.Kane (“American Dad!“), H.Steinberg (“Without a Trace”) which is broadcast on TNT tv channel. Production companies are Channel Road Productions, Platinum Dunes, TNT Original Productions (seasons 1-3) and Studio T (from season 4).
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The Last Ship Season 5 download

The Last Ship season 5 download (tv episodes 1, 2,...)

Release Date: September 9, 2018
The US will no longer need the help of the Naval Destroyer "Nathan James" and its team, as the upcoming season 5 will be the final for “The Last Ship” tv series. The world of "The Last Ship" has more or less recovered from the consequences of a dangerous virus epidemic for season 5, while the political situation is not so good. Captain Chandler left his post, and now Sasha Cooper, Lt. Danny Green, SCPO Wolf Taylor and Sgt. Azima Kandie are responsible for all the important decisions. A new character - General Anita DuFine will help them. She is the acting chief of Marine Corps, whose actions have saved lives for hundreds of marines during the epidemic. The war monster will show the true face on September 9, when naval ship Nathan James will go to its last voyage.

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Episodes: 10 of 10 + Pack

The Last Ship Season 4 download

The Last Ship season 2 poster TNT channel The viewers of the TV series The Last Ship watched the adventures of the crew of the USS destroyer Nathan James in the post-apocalyptic world for three years. However, CO CDR Tom Chandler does not look very happy at the beginning of season 4. This is not surprising, because, saving people, he opened a darker, brutal and vindictive side of himself. As a result, the capital of the ship retired and decided to do self-knowledge. Nevertheless, the inward vacation of the protagonist of the TV show The Last Ship will not last long. It will be interrupted with the advent of a new virus in the new season that will spoil the crops around the planet. Of course, there will be those immediately who will not be interested in the search for a vaccine.

Episodes: 10 of 10 + Pack

The Last Ship Season 3 download

The Last Ship season 3 poster TNT channel The Last Ship season 3 is still focused on the ?aptain of the USS Nathan James Tom Chandler and his crew. At the end of season 2 the Dr. Rachel Scott was shot, and her fate is uncertain. Meanwhile, the Navy destroyer is heading to Asia on the instructions of the US President Jeff Michener. It must verify the information of the fresh virus outbreak in Japan. Perhaps this is another mutation of already known virus. In addition, the US government is concerned about the actions of the Chinese leader, President Peng. The consequences of his policies can lead to insecurity throughout Asia ...

The Last Ship Season 2 download

The Last Ship season 2 poster TNT channel The Last Ship season 2 begins immediately after the events of season 1. The crew of the US Navy destroyer "Nathan James DDG-151" under the command of Captain Tom Chandler reaches a Norfolk seaside town and tries to make contact with the pilots of the former military aircraft and other military units. Captain can't agree with the pilots about medicines' delivery against viral pandemic in the country. The ship with scientists, who want to help doctor Rachel Scott improve medicine, sent to the destroyer. But pirates have attacked them. In addition to separate infected people who want to take the vaccine, Rachel, and the Captain has to fight with their main enemy - Niels Sørensen, who wants continuation of the pandemic.

The Last Ship Season 1 download

The Last Ship season 1 poster TNT channel TV series "The Last Ship" focuses on the global catastrophe that engulfed the whole of humanity. Artificially created virus destroyed almost the entire population of the earth. The state fell, the government no longer in force, the laws violated. A handful of survivors are struggling to survive and possession of resources that are left. The crew of the US Navy destroyer "Nathan James" didn't get the scope of the global viral pandemic, as performed a secret mission in the Antarctic. Leaving the radio silence mode after a four-month preservation, the crew discovers that mankind has no hope for salvation. Only a brave American fleet and the doctor who being on board may find a vaccine against the virus, and to organize a post-apocalyptic society.


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