The Librarians

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The Librarians season 1 poster TNT channel

Original Title: The Librarians

Country: USA, TNT

Genres : , ,

Cast: Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, John Harlan Kim, Rebecca Romijn, John Larroquette, Noah Wyle, Peter James DeLuca, Kevin Michael Watson, Elizabeth Fournier, Rachel Nichols, John Noble

Awards : 7 nominations.

TV show The Librarians is a adventure comedy created by John Rogers which is broadcast on American TNT tv channel.
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The Librarians Season 4

TV show The Librarians season 4 download (full episode 1, 2,...) The Librarians season 4 on TNT continues to highlight the activities of a mysterious organization that protects ancient magical artifacts from various enemies who want to capture them, and at the same time destroy the world. The brave librarians are waiting for another portion of exciting adventures, during which they again have to risk the lives to save humanity in the new season. The heroes will face the brother of famous Santa Claus, who is the boss of burglars; they will try to save the city that the ghosts of the Civil War keep in fear; they will battle with the casino which steals the luck; our heroes will fail when exchanging bodies; moreover, they will cooperate with a librarian from the past who travels in time. But the biggest their problem will be the library. Since Charlene is no longer attached to supernatural athenaeum, two people, one librarian and one guardian, will have to assume her responsibilities. Jenkins organizes a ceremony that will forever connect a couple with the library, thereby granting them immortality. Flynn and Baird are ready to make this sacrifice. However, Nicole Noone from Flynn's past will appear. She's a former Flynn’s guardian and is one of the little dirty secrets that the library hides. Each of the team members, faced with this gloomy secret, will have to ask themselves a few difficult questions. Is the library good or evil? Can someone of them ever live a normal life, with love, friends and family? Heroes have a lot of research. But this time they will need to find answers within themselves without any ancient manuscripts or vaticinations in the new episodes of season 4 The Librarians tv series.

The Librarians Season 3

The Librarians season 3 poster TNT channel The Librarians season 3 is still focused on artifacts defenders team. They will meet with the new dangerous opponents that intends to take control of all the magical artifacts that are stored in the Library. General Rockwell is a head of a secret organization. Also, even more dangerous enemy to face with librarians. Things get off to a riotous start when the Egyptian god of chaos shows up to release pure evil and spark a final showdown between good and bad. Magic also has consequences. To save the world, one of the librarians have to sacrifice everything...

The Librarians Season 2

The Librarians season 2 poster TNT channel The Librarians season 2 continues to talk about the team of brave defenders of artifacts. Each team member has their own unique talent. In the new season, they will go in search of new artifacts and relics, during which they Librarians will meet with valuable allies, and the insidious villains. Events of the coming episodes will force the protagonists to reflect on their own past, and the usual methods of dealing with the supernatural will no longer be relevant, because the magic too quickly spreads around the world...

The Librarians Season 1

The Librarians season 1 poster TNT channel The action takes place in New York, where the building of a public library is the headquarters of the mysterious organization of The Librarians. Flynn Carsen is headed the organization for ten years. His mission is to defend supernatural artifacts against enemies, including the incredibly dangerous Serpent Brotherhood. It has long dreamed to get valuable relics to use their magic for their own purposes. Flynn does not cope alone. Colonel Eve Baird comes to his aid. They picked up three other candidates for the post of the Librarians. Jacob Stone, an oil rig worker with an IQ of 190 and an encyclopedic knowledge of the history of art, joins the team. Cassandra Cillian also defends artifacts. She's a mathematical genius with a photographic memory and the ability to create visual and sensory hallucinations. Finally, Ezekiel Jones becomes the third candidate. He's a specialist in modern technologies and high-end thief. Together, they must find the stolen artifacts and prevent insidious plans of the Serpent Brotherhood.


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