The Night Shift

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The Night Shift season 1 poster NBC channel

Original Title: The Night Shift

Country: USA, NBC

Genres : , , , Romance

Cast: Eoin Macken, Jill Flint, Brendan Fehr, Robert Bailey Jr., JR Lemon, Ken Leung, Alma Sisneros, Scott Wolf, Merle Dandridge, Tanaya Beatty, Sarah Jane Morris, AnnaLynne McCord, Briana Marin

Awards : 3 wins & 1 nomination.

TV show The Night Shift is a romantic drama created by Jeff Judah and Gabe Sachs which is broadcast on American NBC tv channel. Eoin Macken plays the main role.
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The Night Shift Season 4

The Night Shift season 4 poster NBC channel The events of the TV series The Night Shift season 4 take place in the clinic "San Antonio Memorial" as in previous seasons. Every day, the hospital staff is working hard to protect the patients' health even in the conditions of shortage of equipment and medicines. Dr. TC Callahan leads the team of brave doctors throughout all seasons of TV show The Night Shift. He was a military doctor and he visited the hot spots of Afghanistan three times. However, he did not suspect that the cases are sometimes more serious in civilian medicine. Topher Zia and Drew Alister help him not to lose courage and gain strength for new feats. Moreover, the guys constantly sharpen their skills in humor on him. In addition, the daily heroes of the medical drama are Dr. Jordan Alexander, Dr. Krista Bell-Hart, Dr. Paul Cummings and Dr. Scott Clemmens. Hundreds of people owe their lives to them. Moreover, they have to save many more patients in trouble in the new season.

The Night Shift Season 3

The Night Shift season 3 poster NBC channel The Night Shift season 3 keeps following a team of doctors working overnight shifts at a hospital in San Antonio. Toiling away while the city is asleep, they do whatever it takes to save people’s lives. In new season premiere, the crew gets involved in an offbeat car crash rescue. Also, a very determined grad is about to enter the scene. Elsewhere, Dr. Drew is deployed to serve in Afghanistan where he allies with his colleague Dr. Syd to help a local woman. Back in San Antonio, as the night shift is working hard to tackle the consequences of the accident they learn that there is more behind it than it seems at a glance…

The Night Shift Season 2

The Night Shift season 2 poster NBC channel The Night Shift season 2 picks up several weeks after Dr. Callahan’s breakdown followed by his temporary suspension. Jordan is given a hard time for mishandling the patient. Meanwhile, a new trauma surgeon joins the team. Topher returns to work after recovering from his nearly lethal injury and Ragosa comes back after brain surgery. However, things aren’t going very smoothly for the team as some new frictions arise. On the other hand, new romantic relationships are formed and some old ones revive…

The Night Shift Season 1

The Night Shift season 1 poster NBC channel "The Night Shift" is a drama series following doctors and patients at one of San Antonio hospitals. The story follows Afghanistan war veteran Dr. TC Callahan, his ex-girlfriend Dr. Jordan Alexander and other high-class doctors with military background who work night shifts at the hospital. They are all responsible for the Emergency Room where every second can decide a person’s fate. But the night shift team has a very strong background of working in the hot spots which taught them to value friendship and mutual support. However, TC’s stubborn character and willingness to do things his own way, often contradictory to the hospital rules, causes a lot of frictions between him and his colleagues especially now, when Jordan gets promoted to the shift leader…


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