The Originals

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The Originals season 1 poster The CW channel

Original Title: The Originals

Country: USA, The CW

Genres : , ,

Cast: Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis, Yusuf Gatewood, Danielle Campbell, Leah Pipes, Riley Voelkel, Steven Krueger, Claire Holt, Nathaniel Buzolic, Sebastian Roché, Christina Marie Moses, Danielle Rose Russell, Jaime Murray, Torrance Coombs, Alexis Louder, Candice King, Benjamin Weaver, Matthew Davis, Demarcus Laney, Kenneth Appleton, Perla Middleton

Awards : Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy. Another 6 nominations.

TV show The Originals is a fantasy drama created by J.Plec which is broadcast on American The CW tv channel. Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin, Claire Holt, Riley Voelkel and Charles Michael Davis are the main cast.
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The Originals Season 5

The Originals season 5 poster The CW channel Action of "The Originals" season 5 will unfold eight years after the events in the finale of season 4. If time is not powerful over the majority of supernatural beings from New Orleans, then darling daughter of Klaus and Hayley continues to grow. Mikaelsons had to make a huge sacrifice at the end of previous chapter. They dispersed in different directions for the benefit of Hope. Some of them went to France, someone - in San Francisco, and the girl went to a school for children with supernatural abilities, founded by Caroline and Alaric. No matter what, Original Vampires remember about love for all seasons of The Originals. Therefore, at once two representatives of this family will start a new relationship in upcoming episodes of the final chapter. Hayley is waiting for sex on friendship with Declan. He is a human and does not know that his girlfriend is part of an infamous original family. However, he will only be her temporary hobby. An adult Hope will also has a potential lover. Roman is a devilishly charming classmate. A new hero was only recently converted into a vampire, and he suddenly begins to interest in the ancient clan after a mysterious incident at school. It is unlikely that Klaus will like the new boyfriend of his daughter... Elijah, who lost his memory, is waiting for a meeting with a vampire named Antoinette. A new heroine prefers to wear a mask of coquettish and free from the prejudices lady to hide from the eyes of others her dark secrets of her past. The members of Mikaelson clan are doing their best to keep their promise - to stay away from each other. However, they still have to meet again to fight back the next, this time the last, enemy. However, not one specific person, but the whole movement, will personify evil in season 5 of The Originals. They appeared a century ago and are somehow connected with Mikaelson family.

The Originals Season 4

The Originals season 4 poster The CW channel Fight for New Orleans continues in The Originals season 4. Marcel took control of the city in his hands while Mikaelsons are incapacitated. This week marks five years since the fall of the Mikaelson family. They've managed to keep out monsters buried and now they've got to make sure they they stay buried. Hayley is trying to bring Mikaelsons back. She's trying to save her family. After all this time, she's close to getting them back. In this city, everyone in it, is in danger. The dead will rise again...

The Originals Season 3

The Originals season 3 poster The CW channel The Originals season 3 still focuses on the life of the Mikaelson family. Conflict between Klaus and Elijah continues because of recent events. Marcel regained power in New Orleans. Hayley suffers from the curse, because she takes human form only at the full moon. Rebekah is gone. Her sister Freya became, finally, the relative whom Mikaelson brothers are now trust. Davina, becoming regent of nine clans, is ready for anything to avenge the originals family and those who support them. Klaus' old friend by the name of Lucien Castle is coming to the city. But his plans are a mystery to Klaus. In the XI century Mikaelsons took Lucien as an apprentice and turned him into a vampire. In exchange, he brought them into the high society of France. Meanwhile, Elijah ponders whether's he ready to forgive his brother. The series of murders comes in the French Quarter, which controls by Marcel. Detective Will Kinney begins to investigate ...

The Originals Season 2

The Originals season 2 poster The CW channel The whole family gathered together in The Originals season 2. Klaus and Elijah's mother, Esther is resurrected in the body of the witch Cassie with his sons - Finn in the body of Vincent Griffith and Kol in Kaleb Westphall's body. Esther wants to reunite the entire family except for Klaus. Hayley gave birth to a daughter, but Klaus gave her to Rebekah. So she took newborn away from danger. Klaus wants to take away from the werewolves ring with moonstone, but he have to make a massacre for this. In accordance with her plan, Esther creates new rings for werewolves. When the whole family gets together, Finn needs to answer why younger brothers put him in a coffin 900 years ago. Klaus discovers that a necklace, a gift from his mother, didn't protect him, but weakened him that he could not take off the curse of the werewolf. From nothingness comes back the father of the family, Mikael, but the spell of the witch Davina still keeps him locked...

The Originals Season 1

The Originals season 1 poster The CW channel Many years ago, Mikaelsons - Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah - were directly related to the emergence of New Orleans. But they were forced to flee from their father Mikael in 1919. Now they come back because of the witches who kidnapped a pregnant Hayley. She should be born Klaus' baby. In their absence Klaus' protégé Marcel took power into his own hands. Klaus is not happy with this state of affairs. He's going to overthrow Marcel and return control of the city to his family. Marcel keeps the secret of his influence in the city. He didn't intend to lose its power. At the same time Mikaelsons must avoid a war between vampires, werewolves and witches. TV show "The Originals" is a spin-off of the series "The Vampire Diaries".


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