The Path

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Original Title: The Path

Country: USA, Hulu

Genres :

Cast: Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan, Hugh Dancy, Kyle Allen, Emma Greenwell, Freida Pinto

Awards : 2 nominations.

TV show The Path is a drama created by Jessica Goldberg which is broadcast on American Hulu tv channel. Aaron Paul plays the main role.
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The Path Season 3

The Path season 3 poster Hulu channel The Path season 3 continues to talk about the sect of Meyerist, gaining popularity in the world. And while some heroes are fighting the demons of the past, others are beginning to doubt the chosen faith. Psychological drama tells of a new religious movement that flourishes in one of the American states and draws people from various social strata into their ranks. The head of this community is the unofficial leader - the charismatic, power-hungry Cal Roberts. The protagonist Eddie Lane is one of the zealous adherents of the cult. Moreover his whole family is here. But he begins to doubt the doctrine. His main goal is to find the true pathway now. Will the main characters finally decide what will prevail in their hearts - the long-standing habit or the realization that there is another, unknown and very tempting world outside the sect? Moreover, what reaction of the fanatics will follow in the new episodes of season 3 The Path?

The Path Season 2

The Path season 2 poster Hulu channel The Path season 2 is still focused on a religious cult. The love triangle Eddie-Sarah-Cal is also a center of the plot. Each of them sees a religious purpose in its own way. Eddie Lane thought he was free now he see the truth. Sarah Lane: It has become my hope that this will set me free because I'm haunted. Calvin Roberts: I don't want to live like this anymore. It is hell. But to leave the cult is very difficult. Eddie tries to protect his son from the influence of the cult leader. He is ready to kill for the sake of it and it's only the beginning ...

The Path Season 1

The Path season 1 poster Hulu channel The Path is an American drama series about a fictional cult. Eddie Lane is a member of the Meyerist Movement, but he had serious doubts. After the training in Peru, Eddie had a terrible vision regarding the cult. He's married to Sarah, whose parents were Meyerists and raised her in their faith. Through the power of her faith and the authority, Sarah became an important person in the organization. Her loyalty is tested when her husband is in crisis. The couple has a teenage son, Hawk, who wants to drop out of school and spend all the time in the cult. However, his relationship is tested when he draws the attention of the school's most popular girl, Ashley Fields. She has always distanced itself from the strange Hawk, but when her family is having problems with money, Ashley turned to him for help. The unofficial leader of the cult is Cal Roberts. He has a strong charisma, but he has a problem with self-control and anger. Cal has a strained relationship with her mother, Brenda, who doesn't believe in the cult. He wants to send her to a nursing home. Cal is very ambitious. It further complicates the relationship of Sarah and Eddie.


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