The Royals

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The Royals season 1 poster E! channel

Original Title: The Royals

Country: USA, E!

Genres :

Cast: Elizabeth Hurley, William Moseley, Alexandra Park, Jake Maskall, Tom Austen, Max Brown, Genevieve Gaunt

Awards : 3 nominations.

TV show The Royals is a drama created by Mark Schwahn which is broadcast on American E! tv channel. Elizabeth Hurley plays the main role.
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The Royals Season 4

The Royals season 4 poster E! channel TV show The Royals season 4 is the continuation of the American drama tv series on E! channel about the fictional but very eccentric royal family. The head of the family Queen Helena as earlier struggles with disobedient children. The royal offsprings regularly get on the pages of the "yellow" press, which greatly undermines the image and prestige of the British throne. The new season will please us with even more scandalous and mysteries of the eccentric royals. All 1 - 4 seasons of tv series provide an dangerous mix of mysteries, deceptions and wicked desires. The historical changes, that can change the life of all the main characters, will occur in the new episodes of season 4 The Royals.

The Royals Season 3

The Royals season 3 poster E! channel The difficulties of the royal family life in the modern world will be shown in The Royals season 3. The new season starts 2 weeks after the events of the previous season. Liam and Eleanor are at the peak of fame and popularity, but the decision about the future heir to the throne is still pending. In addition, the sudden appearance of the Prince Robert, who was considered dead, can significantly complicate and confuse the situation. Nobody cries for the king, and Cyrus has nothing to lose. Everyone is ready to fight. Rulers are made to be broken. The scandals, intrigues, sex and power struggles will continue ...

The Royals Season 2

The Royals season 2 poster E! channel The Royals season 2 continues to talk about a Henstridge royal family, immersed in the regal luxury of the British monarchy. A power struggle begins after the death of the king and his eldest son. The new season begins with the restore titles of Liam and Eleanor. Thus Cyrus is trying to capitalize on their popularity. Despite this, brother and sister are still searching for a way to destroy Cyrus. In addition, Liam continues to investigate the deaths of King Simon and his brother Robert with the help of Jasper. Helena had to fight to keep her status...

The Royals Season 1

The Royals season 1 poster E! channel Drama TV series "The Royals" is about fictitious Royal family of Great Britain. The storyline takes place in modern times in London. They live in luxury and abide every royal tradition. They try to play the role of model family, but they have too much dark sides and scandalous secrets. They can satisfy any desire, enjoying their royal life. But they also have to owe a duty, regard public opinion and have to maintain the image of monarchy. One day Crown Prince is murdered in the accident. Royal family is in a great shock. Now they have not only to deal with both typical and especial family problem, but even to save the future of monarchy.


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