Top 5 new Netflix TV shows or What to do during quarantine!

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Top 5 new Netflix TV shows

If your plans for the coming days have been canceled due to quarantine, Top 5 new Netflix TV shows will be a great option to pass the evening.
We worried about you and put together the best selection of Netflix TV shows that are famous for their quality and will definitely not let you get bored if your plans for the evening are canceled.

Narcos: Mexico (February 13, 2020)
In February, the service released the second season of the series Narcos: Mexico, and if you haven’t watch it, now is the time. This is a very atmospheric and colorful continuation of the series “Narcos”, which has become almost the main criminal drama of our time. Unlike some other Netflix shows, “Narcos” does not turn into a dubious parody of itself, but evolves, trying to find a new creative approach and original meanings.
This season, the famous Mexican drug lord Felix Gallardo will try to unite disparate traffickers and drug couriers and build an empire. However, in parallel with Mexico from the United States comes the drug agent Kiki Camarena. How the confrontation ends, you will find out at the end of the season.

Locke and Key (February 7, 2020)
“Locke and Key” is the premiere of this year on Netflix, and according to many critics, it’s very successful. This is an adaptation of the comics Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, which was filmed specifically for Netflix.
The plot of the series introduces the Locke family, which is experiencing the tragic death of his father and moves to a large estate where he spent his childhood. The new place does not delight teenagers Tyler and Kinsey, who have to re-make friends and adapt to the new school. But youngest son Bode really likes to explore a huge house. It was he who once hears the mysterious whisper of a being who calls the boy from the well and tells him to find the keys hidden throughout the mansion. Body does not know what their strength lies in and how they are related to the history of his family. Also, he does not know who else seeks to get the keys. Showrunners removed dark scenes from the original comic story, focusing on teenage romantic relationships developing against a background of mystical phenomena.

Messiah (January 1, 2020)
“Messiah” – this is perhaps the most scandalous series of Netflix 2020 to date. It is shot in a very unusual genre, namely, the religious-espionage thriller. The plot of the series focuses on the history of the new messiah. According to residents of the Middle East, a man appeared who had already attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of people and acquired an army of followers. Someone calls him an imposter, but for someone the main character is the anointed of God. The story is not new. And the main question that the viewer asks himself is He, or not?

You (December 26, 2019)
On New Year’s Eve, Netflix released the second season of the much-loved TV series about the killer maniac “You”, starring in the role of Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley. Not too lucky maniac Joe Goldberg has escaped, and is trying to start a new life in Los Angeles, the city of opportunities. However, here he meets a girl who derails his plan and life. But whether she will be another forgotten victim or still someone more interesting, you will find out by watching the show.

The Witcher (December 20, 2019)
Well, where without the sensational “The Witcher”? It seemed impossible to get past this series, because his ads climbed literally from all the cracks. However, if you somehow miraculously missed the recent film adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels, then quarantine self-isolation is the time to catch up. Yes, the series is criticized, either for confusing timing, or for the dubious costumes of the heroes, but what, no doubt, can not be denied so much entertainment. And the beautiful half of humanity, of course, will be pleased to see the muscular Henry Cavill in the title role. Monsters, sorceresses, witches, and of course, a beautiful love line, what else is needed for a great movie for the evening?

This is our rating of the top 5 new Netflix TV shows. This is our subjective opinion. You can leave your opinion in the comments below. Or listen to us and watch all these tv series!

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