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Tyrant season 1 poster FX channel

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Original Title: Tyrant

Country: USA, FX

Genres : , ,

Cast: Adam Rayner, Jennifer Finnigan, Moran Atias, Ashraf Barhom, Noah Silver, Alexander Karim, Cameron Gharaee, Melia Kreiling, Chris Noth

Awards : Nominated for 2 Primetime Emmys. Another 1 nomination.

TV show Tyrant is a drama thriller created by H.Gordon, G.Raff and C.Wright which is broadcast on American FX tv channel.
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Tyrant Season 3

Tyrant season 3 poster FX channel Tyrant season 3 continues the story of Bassam, the youngest son of an infamous dictator. Bassam (Barry) had to face the harsh reality of ruling the country in turbulent times of a deep political crisis. At the end of season 2, Barry and his older brother Jamal join their forces and fight nip and tuck to defeat the mutual enemy. But the moment Jamal steps up to address his people with a triumphant speech, he catches a bullet leaving season 3 to reveal Jamal’s fate. Barry finds himself in charge of the country’s affairs again… But other members of the Al-Fayeed family have their own opinions on Abuddin’s future. Also, some new characters will join the stage and some old romantic histories will reignite.

Tyrant Season 2

Tyrant season 2 poster FX channel Tyrant season 2 keeps following Barry, the son of a Middle Eastern dictator who comes back to his homeland after twenty years of living in the United States. He fled from his father as a teenager and would gladly continue his life as an ordinary American citizen if his father hadn’t died unexpectedly. Now Barry has to retrain for a brand new occupation as a tyrant. New season picks up several months after Barry’s failed coup as he sits in prison waiting for his brother Jamal to decide his fate. In his turn, Jamal is working on his alliance with China while struggling to withstand the resistance movement. At the same time, Barry’s family returns to the US, trying to cope with their loss and being bombarded by the media…

Tyrant Season 1

Tyrant season 1 poster FX channel "Tyrant" is an American drama TV series set in a fictional Arabic monarchy Abuddin in The Middle East. The story follows Barry Al-Fayeed, one of the two sons of a notorious Eastern dictator. Having left his country about 20 years ago, Barry is now a US citizen, happily married to an American woman and raising two children. Since the time he left Abuddin, relations between the monarchy and the US have gotten complicated just like his own relationships with his family. But one day he gets a wedding invitation from a relative and is forced to revisit homeland. The next thing he knows is that his father unexpectedly passes away right in the middle of a political crisis, leaving Barry to take over the rule and replace him as the leader of the Middle East…


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