Cinemax (sometimes abbreviated as “Max”) is an American premium cable channel. It was launched in 1980 and is owned by the Home Box Office, Inc. (division of Time Warner). The basis of the broadcast network are full-length films and own television series. In addition, documentary films, light erotica and reports behind the scenes of the film sets are broadcast here. The key to success was that Cinemax from the very beginning was clearly defined with the subject matter of the rendered content. Its creators immediately stated that it would be a channel about cinema and only about cinema. Beginning at first with the broadcast of the classics, then the tv channel began to produce more and more of its own quality tv shows, in which, over time, the proprietary Cinemax features began to be clearly discerned.
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The best Cinemax tv series: Banshee, Outcast, Strike Back, The Knick.
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