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Versailles season 1 poster Canal+ channel

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Original Title: Versailles

Country: France, Canada | Canal+

Genres : , ,

Cast: Stuart Bowman, George Blagden, Alexander Vlahos, Evan Williams, Elisa Lasowski, Tygh Runyan, Joe Sheridan, Steve Cumyn, Catherine Walker, Jessica Clark, Jenny Platt, Marie Askehave, Matthew McNulty, Anthony Flanagan, Yohann Chopin, Benedita Pereira, Maximilien Seweryn

Awards : 4 nominations.

TV show Versailles is a historical drama created by David Wolstencroft and Simon Mirren which is broadcast on French Canal+ tv channel. George Blagden plays the main role.
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Versailles Season 3

Versailles season 3 poster Canal+ channel Louis XIV resolved the case of Poisons and won the war against Holland. It seems that nothing can prevent his ambitions in the new episodes of Versailles. He strives to expand his empire and take over the whole of Europe. But his dreams are expensive. People are tired of paying, that’s why insurrection is rising. In addition, new tests are waiting for Louis in his residence. Versailles season 3 brings chaos for French king and his royal court. His new favorite Madame de Maintenon leads him to an absolutist affirmation, which is not devoid of significant disagreements at court. Gradually Louis XIV does not tolerate any dissent, whether it's his people, Protestants or sovereign pontiff. Nevertheless, the threat loomed over Louis, in the form of a mysterious prisoner hidden under the mask in the 3rd and final season of Versailles series.

Versailles Season 2

Versailles season 2 poster Canal+ channel Versailles season 2 continues to follow the life of the King of France Louis XIV and his courtiers. The line of relations between Philippe d'Orléans and Chevalier is developing. If there was more emphasis on the physical expression of feelings in the season 1, then attention has been transferred to the moral component of the issue in the season 2. Sophie is no longer a young 16-year-old girl, but a more determined young woman, who is forced to solve the problems herself. Nevertheless, she does not become spoiled and not lose conscience. Liselotte enters the new house, becomes a friend to Philippe, understands and accepts the whole state of affairs. Moreover, she tries to help both Philippe and Chevalier. Bontemps is no longer the faceless shadow in the 2nd season as in the 1st one. Marie-Thérèse suffers all that her husband forces her to endure. Nevertheless, she, like a queen, fights for the establishment of moral order. In addition, the theme of Satanists, the sacrifice of babies, the underground community was highlighted in the TV show Versailles season 2.

Versailles Season 1

Versailles season 1 poster Canal+ channel Versailles is a historical tv series on Canal+ channel, which tells about the fate of one of the most extraordinary kings of France. Season 1 begins with the time when Louis XIV was only 4 years old. His father dies and he, as the sole heir, takes over the reins of government. However, of course, a young child did not rule France. His mother became the head of the Council of Ministers to lead the country until her son can cope with this duty. Louis learns to live at the palace from a young age, which requires many efforts from the hero of the drama Versailles. Everything is complicated when death again visits the boy's family - he is not yet twenty, and he has to endure the death of his mother. Louis XIV can count only on his own strength from this tragic day. Now every more or less well-known aristocrat dreams of leading the country. Because a young man, who used to spend time at balls, has not learned to manage France. However, the hero decides to build a policy of his rule anew. He leaves Paris and moves to Versailles, hoping to lead the country therefrom. In general, TV show Versailles season 1 highlights not only the royal rank, but also the life of a guy, tempted by power...


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