Young & Hungry

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Young & Hungry season 5 (part 2) download (tv episodes 1, 2, ...)

Original Title: Young & Hungry

Country: USA

Genres : , ,

Cast: Emily Osment, Jonathan Sadowski, Aimee Carrero, Kym Whitley, Rex Lee, Jesse McCartney, Mallory Jansen, Ashley Tisdale

Awards : 7 nominations.

TV show Young & Hungry is a romantic comedy created by David Holden which is broadcast on American Freeform tv channel. Emily Osment plays the main role.
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Young & Hungry Season 5

Young & Hungry season 1 poster Freeform channel The comedy tv series Young & Hungry tells a comedy story about the complicated relations between a young woman named Gabi Diamond and a successful businessman Josh Kaminski. The events of the season 1 take place in San Francisco. Gabi lives with her friend Sofia Rodriguez. She likes to cook and dreams of becoming a chief-cooker. However, while the girl just keeps her culinary blog. Once Gabi gets the job of a personal chef of a young and attractive businessman Josh Kaminski. Soon, Josh discovers that, besides friendly feelings, feels sympathy to young Gabi. He begins to think about the fact that his new cook is more suitable for the role of future wife than his current girlfriend is. Gabi understands that she is also not indifferent to her boss, but she prefers to keep it a secret.

Young & Hungry Season 4

Young & Hungry season 2 poster Freeform channel The plot of the tv series Young & Hungry revolves around a young and pretty woman named Gabi. She is quite energetic and spontaneous person with a pleasant sense of humor. In season 2, young woman tries to fight her feelings to her boss. Therefore, she spun a secret romance with computer technician Cooper. At this time, Josh decides to finally break with Caroline and spend the night with a pretty blonde. Gabi accepts Cooper's offer to go with him on a three-week trip to China. In addition, when Gabi returns from the trip, she discovers that Josh has a new girl named Jilly, who loves to cook. Gabi is threatened with dismissal. In the end, Josh still tells Gabi about his feelings. Moreover, she agrees to go with him on a date. However, the beginning romance of Young & Hungry faces a serious obstacle. Gabi receives an offer to study in Switzerland for six months. She decides to take advantage of the chance and improve her culinary skills and knowledge. Gabi goes to Switzerland in the end of season 2.

Young & Hungry Season 3

Young & Hungry season 3 poster Freeform channel The third season of the popular comedy series Young & Hungry highlights the complex relationship between cook Gabi Diamond and businessman Josh Kaminski. The main character Gabi spun a love affair with Josh’s younger brother Jack after returning from Switzerland. Gabi together with him decides to go to the festival Coachella. However, she never ceases to fantasize along the way about what could be her relationship with Josh. Young Gabi decides to confess to Jake that she still has feelings for his brother. Jake takes what he hears very well and says that all of her relationship with Josh is in the past. And they have a great future ahead of them. Gabi agrees. However, suddenly appeared Josh breaks all her plans. He confesses to her in his feelings and kisses. Young and Hungry finally become a pair and enjoy each other's company.

Young & Hungry Season 2

Young & Hungry season 4 poster Freeform channel Young & Hungry is a comedy TV series about a young girl who is very enterprising and ambitious. She is full of strength, energy, and, wishing to succeed, she takes up any cause, especially if she likes this. In Young & Hungry Season 4, Gabi realizes that she made a mistake. She still loves Josh and decides to bring him back. However, the girl is not sure that she is ready to forgive him a love affair with a therapist. Moreover, Gabi does not know how to behave further. After learning about Josh's plans to go to Australia, she goes after him. However, a young woman changes her decision already in airplane. Arriving in Australia, Gabi still forgives Josh. As a result, the young and hungry are reunited again. She gets a job at a local snack bar, and it seems to her that life is finally getting better.

Young & Hungry Season 1

Young & Hungry season 5 (part 2) download (tv episodes 1, 2, ...) The main character of the tv series Young & Hungry is a young and ambitious girl Gabi Diamond. She's a culinary blogger, but she always dreamed of becoming a cook. Her dream eventually came true. In addition, along with the long-awaited work, the girl found the love of her life - Josh Kaminski. 5 season still tells about young and hungry, but very self-confident people who, overcoming all the obstacles in their way, go to their goal. As in previous seasons, the relationship between Josh and Gabi is in the center of the plot. However, we see how the guys are trying to distance themselves from each other in the new season. They decided to become friends, so that they believe, not to spoil life to each other. Nevertheless, friend Sofia, unsuspecting herself, constantly pushes Gabi into Josh's arms. We will see what will lead to the unusual friendship of the Young & Hungry in season 5 of Freeform’s TV show.


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